Cat crack?

One of my friends told me that there is some new age herb supplement/vitamin that one can buy over the counter at GNC that is like 100 times more powerful than catnip. She told me that her roomate read about it, let her cat smell it and it was going crazy for the whole night and passed out from exhaustion. It then spent all day trying to get it out of the drawer when it woke up in the morning and it still tries every once in a while. Anybody know the name of these pills?
(My ex has 2 cats and I get visitation rights now and then, just want to have a little fun.)

Try playing with a piece of string - safe for the kitties and good excercise for you :wink:

My guess would be that it’s just plain old catnip, but in a more concentrated capsule form, which would be fresher and would also tend to concentrate the essential oils much more than the dried-out ancient leaves you get in the average catnip stuffed-mouse-toy.

Possibly, I’ll check it out.
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