cat dog on nickelodeon

how does catdog go to the bathroom? it must since it has a bathroom.

Maybe it has a small hole somewhere in the middle.
Maybe we are not supposed to think about such things; children are to watch,not think, eh?

It still has four legs. I imagine it walks there, same as everyone else.

Maybe one or both mouths serve double duty? Snails’ anuses are above their heads so I don’t see why catdog couldn’t have some similarly disgusting excretory system.

“Eww! You can be Lisa’s.”

Even though it means I have to admit to having watched this show, I’ll tell you that it was addressed. In some episode (I think it was the extra-long one when they search for their parents) they stop at a rest stop to use the restroom. The scene switches to just outside the restroom, and a stream of people start filing out, saying things like, “Wow!” “So that’s how how they do it…” “That was amazing!”

Incidentally, my favorite children’s show “dirty” joke (relative to the show’s target audience) occurs in another episode. The Greasers get a job working as servers in a fancy restaurant. The boss dog says, “Show some class!” The dumb one says, “Duh, okay,” and starts to pull his pants down. The boss dog shouts, “I sad CLASS!”