Cat Heaven

This video is absolutely priceless:
Having seen even Tigers and other Big Cats get into boxes, I can understand the draw. Our Hermes is a “Box Addict”. He would go nuts in this room!
I’m fascinated by the paw gestures of the cat on the left at about 1:30 and going on for a long time. I’ve never seen a cat do that before.

Well, obviously that cat is applauding. Hurrah for Boxes!

Or praying…“Please God, don’t let these boxes ever, ever disappear.”

We had a cat. Big AND was about 20 lbs.

He LOVED shoe boxes. He would “get” in them…he looked like a muffin in a too tiny baking pan.

When company came we brought out the shoe boxes and the cat…and would pass him around.

I always wanted to “get” him into a box and put him in the mailbox for the mail carrier to find…

:stuck_out_tongue: Great image!

The cat’s little paw gestures looked like he was directing, or playing, the background music.

I’ve never known a cat who didn’t love him or her a box.

We had a cat who would get in any box she came across.
Then would sit and stare as if she had no idea what she was supposed to do.
And she didn’t. She never did anything but sit. :smiley:

My two cats do not love boxes. They had a traumatic youth and were taken to adoption events several times so I think maybe they associate boxes with being trapped. Anyway, they will not even look into an empty box; they run away. Also run from plastic bags. It’s kind of sad, actually.

Of all the cats I’ve had over the years, about half have loved sitting in boxes. Even the 27-pounder, who would try to sit in boxes way too small for him. End of box.

Big cat in little vase :slight_smile:

BIG cats in boxes

Great video!

You could do a version with toddlers, too. They love boxes!

Yeah, but as we all know, toddlers are gross. Maybe close the boxes and ship them away.

It’s obvious to me that the left kitteh is rubbing his paws together while scheming, as all evil masterminds are prone to do.

my malenka would sit up and gesture like that. it was adorable. she knew if she hopped into the bathtub and wave her paws at the tap, i would turn on the water. i’m not sure who was the trainer/trainee there. she would wave her paws if you had something she wanted to see. she was the only one out of 6 cats i’ve had that would do it.