Pictures of Cats in Boxes [Edited Thread Title]

Cats love boxes! Who knows why? Put a box down, and a cat will surely investigate. Post your favorite pictures of cats in boxes! (It doesn’t have to be your cat, but bonus points if it is)

I heard here once, “If I fits in it, I sits in it!” Pretty much describes my cats.

kitten in a Kleenex box

Will you settle for a basket, or two?

And my current favorite youtube video: The box which Maru can’t enter. Warning, this will cause you to laugh, no matter where you are.

Many too small boxes

driveway cats


Non-Maru cat in box

I’ve had cats that sat in small boxes, which eventually collapsed into flat cardboard…er, catboard, and still they sleep on it. Must be the nostalgia.

Cat in a saxophone case

Simon’s Cat and a box.

I have no picture, but my cat tears boxes to bits with his teeth. There are chunks of cardboard all over the house. We just leave it there, it keeps him busy.

Didn’t this end really badly for Schrödinger’s cat? Or is no one still sure?

When I was about 10, my mother had just come from the grocery store and there was a couple of big paper grocery bags laying on the kitchen floor. I went running through the kitchen and kicked one of the bags, unknowingly kicking one of the poor cats clear into the den.

The cat didn’t seem to be more than mildly annoyed about the surprise flight, but I didn’t kick bags or anything else a cat might be in after that. That incident didn’t deter the cats from getting into a paper bag whenever one was left on the kitchen floor either.

(Gotta remember to get a paper bag for Mimi next time I go to the store.) :slight_smile:

She’s really not drunk, she’s just relaxed.

How about a violin case?

always a fave around our house :smiley:

Very, very funny.

The box is never too small.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Well, yes and no…