But, I Fit!

Just searched the house and garage for one of my 3 cats when I realized I hadn’t seen him in quite awhile and that in that while I’d had the outside garage door open. I was nervous. I looked everywhere and finally found him crammed under a small 3 shelf TV stand. He wasn’t scared, he’s got a full belly, purred when I pulled him out. Why crawl into that tiny little space? To see if he could fit.

Our oldest cat who passed last year (tall Russian Blue) destroyed many a shoebox slightly smaller than his body just so he could fit.
Do your cats and dogs like to fit spaces just to fit? It’s like a kid w/ a new box.

The first rule of cats and boxes is Boxes Contain Cats.

That and paper bags.

Our cat loved to run into the paper bags when we were putting the groceries away. Once, as I was picking up the bags I was crunching them up violently instead of just folding them. I picked up the last bag which I knew was empty. But as I crunched it right in front of my mom, I made a sound like the cat was in it. It was fun to see her face.

We had a sweet old fat manx cat. Big boned and fat. Mid twenties pound wise. He loved his boxes. At the time, my brother (the nominal owner of the cat) worked at department store that had a significant shoe department. My brother made a point of bringing shoe boxes home on a regular basis. And the smaller the box the better. Ever seen those Garfield cartoons with him sitting in his bed? Thats what this cat looked like. Just his feet/legs and maybe 25 percent of his mass would fit in a box. The rest was spilling out over the top/sides.

He would get in a box and just stay. You could pass him around the family room. Pass him to your visitors. Sit him on the counter or the table or top of the television. And he would just stay in that box. I always wanted to place him in the mailbox in his box to surprise the mailman.

Our manx would get feisty in a paper bag. If I tapped on the outside of the bag – POW! A circle of claws would suddenly poke through.

Search YouTube for videos of Maru, a cat who is obsessive about getting into boxes any way possible.

One of my favorite youtube videos of cats/boxes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqSi8AkEh8Q&feature=player_embedded

Our big orange boy has taken to trying to crawl into the space between my keyboard slider and the bottom of the computer desk. He fit in there when he was 6 weeks old and doesn’t see why he doesn’t fit now. The fact that he is a year older and 12 lbs. heavier is but a mere bagatelle.

I love how he’s so clear about NOT wanting the humans to help - “No, I got this, I got it, ow my head, just gotta get my foot, no the other one, I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP, got it -tail, where’s my tail, one more twist aaaaaaand I fit.”
But for overall personality and maniacal focus Maru takes first place. His mindset is, “I do have all day, box, and I will win.”

Both of our cats loved to climb into anything, especially paper bags - this was back before plastic grocery bags were at all common so we’d typically leave a paper bag or two on the floor for them to play in when we did our shopping.

One day, we had a bag with those stiff upside-down-U string handles. I left it on the floor in the living room, and was in the kitchen when Dumbcat came tearing into the kitchen at supersonic speeds, being chased by the bag and, apparently, all the demons of Hell.

My first thought was that Oldercat was in the bag and chasing him, but instantly I realized that Oldercat would have had to poke all 4 legs through the paper to be able to run while inside the bag. Ergo, Dumbcat had his leg caught in the bag, must have moved, the bag moved with him and frightened him… causing him to bolt. THEN THE EVIL MONSTER FOLLOWED HIM. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

I tried to catch him as he raced around the room, but was laughing too hard. Finally he somehow got the bag caught on a piece of furniture, it tore, he got loose… and it was several hours before we found the poor fellow.

When my last cat was a kitty, he loved to squeeze under the drawer we had. The dresser had a skirt under the bottom drawer, kind of like this. Anyway, as he got older and bigger, it got harder for him to get under there. Eventually he had to sprawl flat on this stomach, all 4 legs splayed out, and push himself along the wood floor as he squeezed under the skirting. Then he got just a little bigger. He could still get enough traction to get under dresser, but once there, he couldn’t spread out to get flat enough to get back out. Shame on us, but we sat there an laughed for a while before we let him out. He was just so pitiful, a nose, one eye and one batting paw sticking out from under the dresser.

This seems to go with the thread theme.

Aaaand I snorted. My dad finally had to resort to a rolled up rug under his handmade shotgun cabinet after taking it apart to remove their cat Smoky who, like a poster above’s cat, could get under but not enough room to smoosh out. All he could say was “Why?? There’s nothing under there!” She had to know she could, Dad. She HAD to know.

I wonder if there was some other herb in the guitar that smelled similar to catnip?

That’s happened around here a couple of times, too. Usually one of the Feline Overlords manages to get a plastic bag out of the recycling bin, embags him/herself in it, and somehow manages to get his/her neck through the handle. Then we have the panicked dash.

We eventually moved the recycling bin into the pantry closet, and we keep the closet closed unless we’re actually getting something from it. When the door is open, though…all four cats will go in, if they notice it, and sit in the bin. Because it’s boxlike.

I keep a supply of plastic grocery bags in an empty kitty litter bucket down by their catboxes. Four times now we’ve been relaxing upstairs only to have one of the terrors come tearing upstairs with the hounds of hell on her heels. Actually, a plastic bag around her neck. It’s funny as hell. If I forget to close the lid on the box of bags, it’s a given that every bag will removed from the box and scattered all around the basement.

We’ve also discovered we cannot leave pots uncovered. Lucy, with her queenly fluffiness loves our 8 quart spaghetti pot. Mayme and Dot like the saucepans.

I won’t comment on the love they have for laundry baskets. Empty or not.

Oh, we had the plastic bag thing once. Poor Edison was so scared he also left a trail of pee all through the house as he ran. It was hard as hell to catch him to take it off, because it also freaked the other cats out and when he finally went to ground under the bed they were staring at him, hissing, with their tails brushed out and I was afraid I was going to lose a finger trying to help the poor guy out.

Cats have a deep and abiding love for boxes. However, this is NOTHING compared to the love they have for laundry baskets full of nice clean warm laundry. NOTHING. It’s clean, it’s warm, and it aggravates the humans to find a cat on the laundry.

I cannot put dirty laundry in a basket without their help (“OHMIGAWD! You threw a sock in? That sock is evil and I must remove it NOW! That shirt is evil too! Must jump on it and attack it!”). I cannot take the basket downstairs without their help (I now just wait at the top of the stairs for them to run before me. Learned that the hard way). Putting the laundry in the washing machine? Dot, get out of the washer. Mayme, get out of the laundry or you’re getting a bath. Putting laundry into the dryer? Frequent kitteh checks to make sure they also have not hopped in. I now have to close myself away from them to fold laundry. Who knew washing socks doesn’t kill the evil? Mayme, especially, loves safeguarding the clean clothes from being folded. She lays on the pile and attacks me when I try to take anything out.

I’ve seen cats get into tight spaces, but it seems odd that it would be able to get in with the strings in place. I’d at least expect them to snap from being stretched.

There’s no back on the guitar.