Cat Jesus

Does cat Jesus have 10 lives or 18?

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Cat Jesus used up all of his lives but for purposes of narrative convenience the other Timelords somehow gave him an unmentioned number of extra lives.

Also, Doctor Who is Cat Jesus.

Why? The question of whether do-overs are additive or multiplicative seems like a profound question for the felinotheologists of SDMB.

Why would cat Jesus get more lives than other cats?

This is not spam. Mmm. Spam. That sounds good. Now I have to go to the grocery store again today.

Now you’re spamming Spam.

My cats are holier-than-thou, do they count?

ooops heh I thought it was one of those nonsense post that have a strange line and them become “sporting event streaming live” a minute or two later …

Truly one of the deep theological questions of this age.

Hang cat Jesus on a cross, take him down. Put him in a big cave with a large rock over the opening. In 3 days come back and check what you have in the tomb/cave. Let us know.

Are you a Catheist?

Cat-nostic. Skeptically optimistic.:slight_smile:

C’mon, it’s a kitty thread. Where’s the pics?

No, of course not, he’s a Catolic.
Clawed Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
And haven’t you heard of the Catechism?

Cat Jesus will need as many lives as he can get if he is to have any chance against all the other cat gods like Bastet and Sekhmet in the ultimate cat god Battle Royale. Since, barring the occasional timid pussy, basically every moggy on the planet is going to want in (for what cat does not consider herself divine?), things won’t be pretty.

Schrodinger’s God.

talk about thinking inside the box


My best friend has a cat named Jesús. He is a really stupid fucker, though, who seems to like to be roughed up a lot. He was sort of a rescue.