Cat peeing on everything - successful remedies?

I have a generally good cat. Fully trained to use his litter box, but every so often he decides to stop and pee on everything in sight. We have brought him to the vet who says this is pretty common with male, neutered cats and gives him antibiotics (despite the fact that there is no bacterial infection). His litter box is kept clean (scooped daily) and he gets a high quality brand of dry food whenever he wants (he won’t eat wet). So, I figured if this is so common, someone here would have dealt with it. Has anyone successfully dealt with this? I’m running out of stain remover.

When I had the same problem with my cat I was told that putting pepper in the areas he was peeing in would stop it. I never got the chance to try it because for some reason he stopped but I guess it’s worth a go.

A couple of years ago one of my cats started exhibiting this behavior. My vet suggested a spray which gives off an odor cats can sense but people are not sensitive to. If I placed this on the objects it was wetting, I was told, it would discourage him and he would likely go back to concentrating on the litterbox.

I never had to try the spray. My vet suggested I bring him in for an examination first. We discussed changes in the environment which might be making him nervous or afraid, and we considered it possible that some loud noises from a construction project nearby might be upsetting him so that he felt the need to mark his territory in defense.

Then we found the real reason. It turned out that my cat, though I had gotten him from The Humane Society, had never been neutered. I had been using the vet for several years and she had never caught it; apparently you can’t always tell just by looking, and it was only when her hand brushed against his scrotum that she made the discovery.

I hope some of this may be of use.

Well, actually, we’re pretty sure that it is a urinary tract problem involving crystals that build up in the bladder. I was trying to find out if anyone has had success at getting rid of these crystals with any remedy.

Hmm…has anyone tried to pee on the cat, and see its reaction to that! :smiley: Yes, I’m serious… - Jinx

“I’d piss on a spark plug if I thought it’d do any good!” (War Games)

There are prescription diets your vet can give you that reduce crystals in the urine. The cat can have this diet and nothing else, because snacks/treats/table scraps aren’t formulated to keep him from forming crystals.

Cat pee odor is damn near impossible to get rid of. Blech!

I’d kick him outside.

Wrong. There are specially formulated sprays that work just great. You can also sprinkle a good helping of baking soda over the wet area and then throw it in the wash (if it’s something like clothes and bedding).

Outdoor cats live, on average, only about four years. Indoor cats live between 12 and 20 years. If you love your cat, keep him indoors; if you don’t, find a good home for him.

Every now and then our Queenie decides to pee on the bed. So far we’ve narrowed this down to one of two reasons: 1) she thinks the litter box is too dirty, or 2) she doesn’t like the smell left after my b/f and I have sex.

I’m catless. I refuse to let an animal ruin my house and having an outdoor cat around here is a death sentence: too many damn dogs.

I want one someday, though.

My cat had the urine crystals and we have fed her Innovative Veterinary Diet Urinary Health Formula prescription (read: expensive) dry food that I buy from the vet ever since. She has not had any more episodes of crystals or peeing outside the box. The key is feeding a food that is low in ash content.

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