Cat people

Anyone out there know any folks who do weird things with their cats?
No, I don’t mean perverted stuff, but like anthropomorphising them, as in making them wear clothes,etc.
I used to have cats, but we treated them(well) as cats.
I have an aunt who used to wipe her dogs butt with toilet paper(hopefully, no one is eating right now)
Lets hear some tails.

My mother in law cooks turkey for her cat.

I’m not talking about feeding leftover turkey to the cat. She goes to the butcher shop, buys turkey legs, cooks them on the stove, and feeds them only to the cat. No one else in the house gets any of it.

I’ve always found that rather odd.

My uncle would tie two cats tails together and throw them over the clothesline.

'nuff said. :wink:

How in the hell did they get those cats to stay on the scanner?

That is just plain odd.

I so want to scrape up a dead cat off the street, scan it and send it in to that site! that would be a hoot!

If I could bear to be around the smelly, maggot infested, rotting carcass for long enough…

…have no reason to live.

There I go, finishing the subject line again.

My mom talks smack to her cats. If she is cooking dinner, and they stand outside on the back porch and meow, she will give them dirty looks and go, “I don’t remember asking your opinion.”

Maybe it’s funnier in person.

My parents, who are usually quite sane, turn into lunatics when they’re around their cat.

For instance: Maggie (the cat) prefers to drink her water as it’s coming out of the tap in the bathroom sink. She also likes you to rub the area right above her tail as she’s drinking. This causes her to stick her butt up in the air. My mom is convinced that you have to say the words “Maggie gets thirsty too” in a sing-song voice, while you’re rubbing her tail-area, because it makes her very happy and then she’ll contentedly drink.

The funniest thing in the whole world is watching my big, gruff father massage the cat’s butt and say those words to her.

My mom talks smack to her cats.
Jeez, I thought mine was the only one. Well, it didn’t start off as talking smack. No, at first they just talked cigarettes. But then before long, they were talking a beer every now and then, and by the time the cat was in college, they’d talk reefer after a big meal or sometimes if Letterman wasn’t funny enough.

But man, when there was no job on the horizon after college, it just went downhill like John Candy on a sled. They talked powder coke, sometimes a little speed. Then, before Thanksgiving, it was all smack. Smack all the time. Nothing but smack. Mom and the cat both started wearing long-sleeved shirts and spending lots of time in the litter box.

It wrecked the whole family.

I scanned my exGF’s cat once after i saw that site. He let me hold him down ONCE… he wont even let me get him close to the scanner now… fur was everywhere… he finally leaped out of my tight grip and actually broke the lid, but i got most of him scanned. My GF found out because of the broken lid and the fur IN the scanner. She was not pleased. :smiley: but I was.

When I came home drunk on the weekend and found my housemate’s cat in my room, I’d often scratch his ears and talk to him about his cat nature. “You just want to kill, dontcha Duffy? Bein’ cooped up in the house like this, it’s a crime. You’re a predator. Yes you are. Our little Wumpus just wants to slaughter little animals. Yes he does.” I derived endless amusement from this.

Taking the test over in Sqrl’s thread has forced me to out myself as a cat person. Sure, I like dogs, but it’s time I was true to myself and those I love. :wink:

Trust me, it’s NOT a perverted site.

My cats sleep on the kitchen table. They have full run of the house. They get leftovers, and help themselves.

My mom had to stop spraying the shower with cleaner stuff as often as she used to because the littlest one (not quite a year) likes to go in there and lick the bathtub.