Cat problems

I need some advice from experienced cat owners.

My housemate got two kittens… one he bought and the other he and his girlfriend found and saved. They’re pretty small… I’m not quite sure how old they are.

So here’s the problem. The cat that was bought seems to have it in for the refugee. At first I thought they were playing but now I’m not sure. Fidel (the cat that was bought) will jump on Lucy and start biting her neck. There’s clawing and scratching and hissing. And Lucy will meow in pain but Fidel won’t stop.

Is this normal? Do kittens always do this? I’m not a cat owner and my housemate’s out for the day… I don’t want to find Lucy’s been hurt.

Any advice?

Oh, this isn’t a constant thing… it only seems to be every once in a while… but it’s almost vicious.

There is a way that you can change the hierarchy somewhat and even out the playing field. It works sometimes, worked for me when I did it with my kitties. Its just a matter of always tending to the under"cat" first. You always pick it up and pet it first, feed it treats first, play with it first, that kind of thing. While you’re doing that I’d always have the bullies nails trimmed so the other one doesnt end up with as many scratches.