Cat Problem - HELP (please)

We adopted a lap cat in September and we are still having problems from the other 2 cats. Kimmee is just over a year old and is very quiet and doesn’t care to interact with the other 2 cats. She likes to stay with me, and believe it or not, she loves to watch tv.

The other 2 cats won’t leave her alone. They are still lunging at her or trapping her, etc. We’ve made changes that we have thought of, been told to or just looked like they were necessary. She’s safe but we’re not getting much sleep unless I take her and go sleep in the guestroom.

Ideas. Questions. anything. I’m open to hearing it all from you.

Thank you very much.

Take care,

Aahhh – she’s a beaut.

I’m not really sure there’s much you can do. Sometimes cats will just not get along. I’ve got a friend who keeps her two cats completely separate - they take turns locked in a room or out in the house, but they are never ever together. They’ve drawn blood on each other when they try. Another friend has multiple cats and uses a variety of separation strategies to manage the personality conflicts (don’t know if I think she’s a saint or insane).

The best you can do is make sure Kimmee has a safe place where the others are not allowed – separate them somehow, even if only part of the time.

Maybe someone else will have some better ideas.

How much time are you spending with her compared to the other cats?

I’m in the same boat. I have a feral cat, Twister, that I’ve been taking care of for years. She’ll come inside off & on during the year but last year I decided to bring her in for the winter. Unfortunately I have to keep her locked in her own room for her own safety.

Ironically my biggest bastard bully of a cat (her grandson*) is the only cat who will kind of get along with her. The other cats want to beat the crap out of her including one calico who will lock onto her like a tabby-seeking missile and won’t stop obsessing until I lock her up. I bring Twister out in the evenings, hoping the others will just get used to her and ignore her but that’s not happening. Way back when I had to trap her for some medical treatment she beat the crap out of all the cats who bothered her. Perhaps they haven’t forgotten.

I’m hoping to find someone who wants a mellow funky cat and can take her. She deserves to live out the rest of her life as a spoiled lapcat.
[sub]*All my indoor cats are descendants of Twister. She was a bit of a slut in her earlier years.[/sub]

Not as much time as I’d like to or they would like me too. A little while each day but not a lot. I’m sorry but I can’t put it into minutes or hours.

Damn, Kath, Kimmee is still having trouble? What a bummer.

As a dog mama, I have no practical advice, though… :slight_smile:

Have you tried Feliway diffusers? I’ve never used them myself (all mine get along, thank og), but others swear by them for the calming effect.

Yes, we have tried them and they worked temporarily on the 2 of 3 cats that like catnip. the cat that doesn’t care for catnip wasn’t phased by it. within a couple weeks no one was helped by it.