Cat takes a couple of laps from your beverage before you shoo it away. Still drink it?

So you poured the last glass of milk, and set it on the coffee table as treat yourself to a couple of your favorite homemade cookies. Unbeknownst to you, you f’n cat jumps up on the coffee table and manages to get a couple of laps in before you can shoo it away.

Do you still drink it? Remember, it’s the LAST glass of milk. And those cookies just aren’t the same with out milk.

No. I know where that tongue has been.

Yeah…its not been in places a dogs (or a Kardashians) tongue has been.

I give my babies kisses, why would I be afraid of a few laps of milk?

We had some homemade muffins in the freezer. I took one out and placed it on the kitchen counter to thaw. I returned to the kitchen twenty seconds later and the muffin was gone.

Without having to really think, I ran downstairs to the dog bed where Ella tends to hang. She was there and immediately dropped my muffin, then looked apologetically at me.

I took the muffin back upstairs, brushed it off, and put it in a more secure location to complete the thawing process.

I answered yes.

ETA: but I don’t drink milk. Yech.

My cats are in my face regularly rubbing up against me, licking me and demanding attention. Any bacteria or other flora and fauna have been shared long ago.

At one time in my life, I might have not cared enough to waste food. But I guess after reading enough stories like this one, I’ve realized saving a few pennies just isn’t worth it.

Of course, I still let my cats lick me. And I kiss them. So I guess I do take chances with my health all the time. But I do have my limits.

Yes, as long as they don’t spit in it.

I’ve been kissing my animals’ furry little faces and eating after them my whole life, and I’m totally fine. Anybody got a problem with it, I’ll bite them on the ankle.

I once ate the chicken breast I had to pry out of my dog’s mouth after he grabbed it off my plate. A few laps out of my glass by the cat, no big deal.

I don’t think I’ve eaten a single meal at home that didn’t have at least one cat hair in it and my hipster doofus of a cat regularly sleeps on my face, so no. it wouldn’t bother me at all.

Not just no, but hell no. shudder

I won’t eat or drink anything that a pet hasn’t sampled first.

It’s got to be good for the immune system. Not to mention the fiber. Psyllium husks? Who needs 'em!

If I catch my cat nibbling or drinking something of mine at that point it’s his and he can have as much as he wants and I’ll dispose of it when he is done.

I used to when I was a kid, although I’d usually make a remark about “slimy cat-drool.”

Grown up, probably not. But I primarily drink hot tea at home these days, which the cats regard with the gravest suspicion, so the question rarely arises anymore.

Thank you for your consideration.

The cat that I feed seems to have no interest in any food other than its own, placed in its own dish. So it continues to get fed.

I love cats, but I’ve never met one that had pleasant breath. So I wouldn’t like to imbibe of the bacteria that the cat would have deposited in that milk.

Yes, definitely.

We have two dogs and two cats. I figure that I’m getting a small amount of ‘pet essence’ in everything I eat or drink anyway, so a couple direct licks isn’t a big deal.