Cat Trees Bear: Twice


Note to editors: when a cat trees a bear twice, include pictures of the freaking cat! What was the problem? Your people got the picture of the bear. What, were you protecting the identity of the cat from the New Jersey Bear Mafia? Stupid.

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Do you not see the cat sitting at the bottom of the tree?

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More on the story, but no better pic

This site has pictures of both bear and cat:

Check out the bear! “I’m really trying not to cry here but the little orange kid is picking on me!”

Hey if you think our cats are tough in Joisey, you should see our Ground Hogs.


Ha! What a cat! He did not mistake the bear for the family’s retriever - he was pissed-off, plain and simple, and didn’t want no bears in his yard.

I asked my cat whether he’d chase a bear up a tree for me. He looked askance at me and went back to sleep.

That cat is the spitting image of my first Feline Overlord, known as KC, Lord of the Serengetti, who was called home by Bast about 3.5 years ago. Treeing a bear is also very much in keeping with his temperment. Perhaps this one is a relative…

The cat isn’t called Greebo, is he? He’s been known to tree bears and wrestle wolves…

Here’s the story on the Associated Press site. Clicking on the picture brings up a pretty good sized version of the photo.

How’s that bear ever going to show his face around the other bears? Oh, the humiliation! :slight_smile:

Walk 'em by the cat and call out, “Hey, my friend here says you’re a pussy!”

We had a cat that spent her outdoors time lying in wait in some shrubs outside the house. When a dog of any size whatever went trotting smugly down the sidewalk she would wait until they were past and then come tearing out spitting, snarling, every hair standing on end and tail about 4" across. I never knew that before that frightened dogs could emit such a high-pitched scream.

On his six, as it were.

Since I’ve previously made reference to KC, Lord of the Serengetti, and his temperment, I’ll share a story about him.

The year was 1998. It was not a dark and stormy night. It was actually a mild and pleasant afternoon. At the time, I was living in a second floor apartment. All entry doors opened to an outside balcony. Said entryway consisted of both a solid wood door and a glass stormdoor. I was outside, firing up the grill. My neighbor, as he had many times before, stepped outside to smoke and shoot the breeze. KC, His Lordship, was supervising the proceedings through the glass door. Unbeknownst to me, Neighbor’s Dad was visiting, and brought along his Great Dane. Neighbor’s Dad affixed a leash to said Great Dane, and brought the dog out on to the balcony to join the party.

KC, His Lordship, went absolutely apeshit. We’re talking every hair standing straight out, fangs inexplicably quintupled in size, claws fully locked and loaded, making noises previously thought utterly impossible above the 7th Circle of Hell, and launches himself at the glass door. Great Dane entered full-blown OH SHIT PANIC mode, and proceeded to drag Neighbor’s Dad to the end of the balcony, down the stairs, and across the parking lot. His Lordship, fully manifested in Demon Kitty Enraged mode, continues to launch himself vigorously at the glass door. Seeing as how his Lordship was a 20+ pound maine coon mix, the latch on said glass door was beginning to show signs of strain. Neighbor is frantically chasing after Neighbor’s Dad–still bouncing along behind panic-stricken Great Dane. I’m almost unable to assist at all, in that I’m using the balcony railing for support and overcome with laughter. Finally, summoning reserves of strength previously unknown to mankind, I snatch open the door, boot his Lordship out of the way*, and pull the main door shut. By this time, Neighbor’s Dad has skinned knees, but Great Dane has finally stopped over near the pool. Heads are popping out of other apartments, and general mayhem ensued. Neighbor later told me Great Dane would never again climb those steps, even years after I’d moved elsewhere.

*I do not generally condone booting Feline Overlords, but it was necessary at the time. I later shared my steak with him…as he knew I would, and all was well.

Cat chases bear (near end of video):

I just sent the article to a friend of mine I’m trying to [del]sucker[/del] convince to take one of the kittens off my hands with the comment that cat’s can protect you from bears. :smiley:

I can safe without equivocation that as long as I’ve had cats, I have seen no bears around my house.

Seriously, don’t give a cat to someone who doesn’t want it. You’re whoosing me, right? :slight_smile: