Catching Up

So, what’s been going on these past few years?

Be concise. Show your work.

Donald Trump got elected president.
Hasn’t seemed like people round these parts care much one way or the other.

SDMBers are renown for their calm, collected reception of politics. This tracks.

The Book of Revelations is coming true.

Do you have a copy of the Bible or should someone give you a URL?

I feel having someone knock on my door to share the good news is more personal than a URL, but if that’s not feasible, then maybe someone could share the Book of Revelation as a shoe box diorama.

Everyone here is in agreement regarding circumcision, declawing cats, and what color that dress is.

Welcome back - I assume all your meds are in balance and the voices are less hostile? :wink:

Well, at the risk of being accused of blantant self promotion, I’m here. Ta-Da! (:))

I’ve learned to aim for the middle: in our house, Auntie EM and I routinely circumcise cats while they’re wearing dresses.

Also, a warm welcome to Beckdawrek, whom the board had, for years, struggled without. Now that you’re here, we’re all here. Hearts and all.

Thank-you, kind sir!

(P.S. I just read your old Christmas Tree thread, funny as heck!)

It was on my one light brush with fame, being mentioned by Cecil. The rush for my autograph has since died down, but occasionally, even now, as I’m walking down the street, a passerby will pause, look in my direction, and faintly mouth, “Christmas tree spiders?” I’ll nod, but only slightly; fame was hell, and I don’t want to encourage a revival.

Why, it’s Sir Skip of Magic!

Well, Cecil retired, so that’s kind of big news.

'Twas my best film appearance, ever.

Was a replacement nominated? Personally, I’d vote for the long-ago Doper who managed to convince someone(s) he was a secret agent. That’s some Internety-007 talent we sorely need in these dark times.

TubaDiva took over as admin. [DEL]Ed Zotti[/DEL] Cecil went to live on a farm in Wisconsin

I think Unca Cece is still lurking. I just know he wants to meet me.:slight_smile:
(a girl can dream)

You just have to find that farm and he’s all yours.

What? No internet in Cheeseland?

By necessity. One doesn’t want the Wisconsinites to spread.

Well, the other half of Cecil’s retirement was the discontinuation of the weekly Straight Dope column. Not that anyone could replace Cecil, anyway. :slight_smile:

The SDMB continues on, as cochrane notes, with TubaDiva at the helm.

And, watch what you say about Wisconsin. It’d be a shame if something happened to your cheese supply. :smiley:

Loves me some good cheese!