Catherine-Zeta Jones & Queen Latifah Rock the AcademY!

I’m sorry - I just saw their duet and it was GREAT!

Anybody else? I thought this year would be a dud -

And I saw it and thought just the opposite. Tepid. Not their performances, necessarily, the song itself.

And right this very second I’m enjoying the Paul Simon number. No chance of winning though. My money is on U2, followed closely by the Chicago song.


I thought that their performances were pretty good. And DAMN CZJ looks good for 9 months pregnnt. The song is not my favoite, but the only original one, IIRC.

I definitely did not enjoy that Chicago stuff, especially because it beat LOTR for art direction. I mean, Peter Jackson had NZ revamped–he had Helm’s Deep BUILT. How does that not win awards?!

I thought their performance was very good. Queen Latifah rocks! Paul Simon’s song was nice.

Anyone mind a mini-hijack, turning this into the “Best Song” thread? No? Good. Okay. I’m afraid I didn’t catch who these singers are (It’s the song from Frida), but that that dress is BEAUTIFUL. The song is okay, and who knows, Frida’s winning a bunch tonight already. Could be an upset.

That is all.

Speaking of music, George Bizet must be rolling in his grave, first with the lost Pepsi in NYC, and then sex with the AOL man…(groans like Krusty)…

I wonder if Michael Moore (is that his name?) realized he was going to get booed for his anti-Bush/anti-war statements. I was half expecting to see rotten fruit thrown on stage.

I imagine Michael Moore knew exactly how he’d be received.

To hijack that hijack back to my hijack: U2’s song was pretty Irish, wasn’t it?

I had a hard time understanding Bono, but I pretty much always have that problem with him.

(Tex Avery take)

EMINEM WON?! :rolleyes:

And what was the joke Steve made about putting Mike Moore in a car trunk? I missed most of it.

Double damned? Da’ Hell. I’ll be f-in’ Triple Damned!

Good for you, Eminem. Good. For. You.

Best Song is the Only Oscar I really follow.

Very cool that the actual best song won this year - if U2 got it I would have thrown my drink at the television.
Whoa… looks like Meryl Streep’s all hopped up on that orchid powder again. :eek:

Suweet. Eminem is totally deserving.

Ah, yes.

“The teamsters are helping Michael Moore into the trunk of his limo.”

Amen, NotWithoutRage! I did the happiest fucking happy dance in my fucking life for that fucking man.

Fucking brilliant!

I retract my previous statement. Although Emimem is no Ludwig van Beethoven, and I don’t really follow the rap scene, he is unique in his own way. I congratulate him, Jeff Bass, and Luis Resto for their Oscar win.

(New tactic for songwriters wanting to win an Oscar: have your song not be performed. It’s gold, gold!)

Yes he did and


That, combined with Adrien Brody’s win, shows to me that the Academy is at least trying to see past the industry favorites into what is really unique and cutting edge. I was saturated with glee to see U2’s corny ballad defeated by a hip hop song. My only regret is that Mr. Mathers was not present to receive his Oscar. Now THAT would have been something else.

And at the risk of steering this into Pittish territory… Peter O’Toole is such a fucking class act. 'Tis about time.

This Parade of Oscar Winners is tedious. I think that it would have been a lot better if they sang or something.