Catholic Church being scum (again)

Catholic church urges pupils to sign anti-gay marriage petition

I can just imagine the shreiking and wailing that would go up if a secular school tried to get kids to sign a pro petition.

For a more fair and balanced report we need to turn to the ever-reliable Daily Mash.

Catholic schools launch ‘eurgh, benders’ petition

You aren’t just imagining… we do when they do things like that.

Great word in that article I wish I knew back in 4th grade: “gaymocentric”

Then I’m sure you’ll have no problem posting a link to a story about a national secular organisation taking public money to fund their schools drumming up pro-gay marriage petitions then.

By “like that” I meant to bring into play other liberal subjects like global warming hysteria and the warm glow of the Obama presidency to name a few.

Do you mean a secular private school or a public school? (Actually, these terms may not have the same meaning in the UK – I mean a private school as one that’s funded by tuition payments from students as opposed to government money).

Heh – remember the music video, “Umm…um…um… Barack Hussein Obama!”

Good times.

If you’re saying that the “shrieking an wailing” would be a bad thing, why is your shrieking and railing any better? Sure, I agree with you on the politics, but I’m not keen on either side getting minor children involved. If it were a secular, government run school, I would be livid.

Although, if you want insane devotion to a president, maybe you’ll love this? ← video of kids, praying to a cardboard cutout of GeeDub.
This tu quoque brought to you by The Bricker System™

That was creepy. What the hell language was the teacher speaking about half-way through? It sounded like Hindi, but I’m sure it’s not. I don’t think it was Latin or Hebrew.

I haven’t watched the whole video in years (and I can’t hear it now), but as I recall, it was speaking-in-tongues.

Mahata-mada-nata-hidi-manata. Ok, tongues it is!

I think you folks need a Henry IX. There’s some Catholic Stompin’ called for!

That’s … eh… insane, all right.

But no, I was more trying to focus on the difference between private actors (free to be insane) and government actors (not free to be insane). A private school can ask their students to pray to Bush, Obama, or Cthulu without running afoul of law. A public school can’t.

Gee I don’t know kids, what if we call a conservative, Republican, Mormon Scientist (!) to tell us about this “hysteria”?

Remember kids, just because the right wing media says so, science in reality has no sides to take. And every person from the right that does appreciate science should tell their sources to do better regarding this issue.

Can’t they risk losing their tax exempt status though?

No, the public schools are limited to publishing textbooks lying about the Civil War.

Pervasive, institutional examples of children being taught lies with a political agenda doesn’t ever seem to bother most conservatives. In fact, if you took a poll of GOP voters, you’d probably find the majority were in favor of it.

But a one-off like that video of those children singing about Barack Obama (which, yes, of course, was bizarre and inappropriate) and the right never lets it go. Of course, that affected a thousandth as many children.

…that my standards of evidence are so flexible they make Mr. Fantastic look like a cigar store Indian.

But we already knew that.

Maybe. But what lies with a political agenda are you picturing? A concrete example or two would help.

Oh shit, this is how it starts! Bricker is going to have to come to FDR moments in the same week!