Cats are the epitome of grace and coordination...?

Indeed… :dubious:

This morning, while I was dressing, Max was on the bed playing with my shoe. He was lying on his side, his back to the edge of the bed. He started to roll, realized he would fall and tried to catch himself. He failed. He landed on his back, the shoe landed on top of him, so he kicked it as he righted himself. The shoe landed on his back, so he slapped it, making it smack him in the nose. I wish I’d had the camera.
He did walk away with all the dignity he could muster, after being beaten up by a shoe.

This afternoon I got to watch my cat, who was laying on her stomach, sloowly list to the left and fall the hell off of a wide chair. It made me feel better about being home sick with stomach flu.

After watching every cat I’ve ever had commit acts of sheer clumsiness, I’ve come to the opinion that it’s not that cats are actually more graceful; it’s just that they refuse to acknowledge it when they do something clumsy. So their grace is in moving on from their klutziness, not in avoiding it in the first place.

I’ve got a couple good ones and a couple bad ones. Echo falls off the back of the toilet, off the counter, slides across the floor and crashes into the wall, like…all the time. Domino is too fat to be really cat-like. He’s more like a goofy little dog. The other two have the grace thing pretty much knocked.

I once watched my cat slowly slide off the back of a sofa, right into a garbage can, tail first. My SO and I just looked at each other and cracked up.

Cats sure can find some weird and awkward sleeping positions. One of our kitties, the late Elvis Pussley, used to like to crawl up onto some storage bins for electronic parts and drape himself across them. Then, bit by bit, his hindquarters would come sagging down, and he ended up like this. There were soft pillows and cushy blankets all over the house, and Elvis picked a set of storage bins for his napping-spot. Cats are so strange.

Cats exist in a world free of consequences. They do not accept fault for anything. If a human being consistently knocked over lamps or fell off chairs, s/he would get negative feedback, understand it, and quickly internalize a feeling of “I better not do this. I need to be a less careful person.” Refusal to acknowledge the fact would only bring more negative feedback. Whereas a cat can smash a priceless piece of antique pottery at 5pm and still meow unashamedly for supper at 7.


One of my favourite quotes about cats, said by Orbifold.

Fonzie cat has taken to drinking out of the toliet, why I don’t know, but I walked in and caught him early this morning (1 am). I don’t know if me turning on the light scared him or what but he slipped and fell in. Keep in mind he is a very large boy, and has never been graceful. By the time he escaped from the evil bowl, he pulled towels off the rack, knocked the shampoo of the bathtub and folded up the rug.

Heh, then the bugger got a real bath… he still isn’t speaking to me.

When I was a kid I once chased a neighborhood stray out of the yard and watched it rush directly into the street where it was instantly run over.

(Pointedly ignoring Gorgon Heap’s post)

My cat once fell in to the toilet and pulled the lid down on top of himself in the process.

He used to jump on the back of the toilet so he could watch me get ready in the bathroom mirror every morning, but on this occasion he shorted the jump. As he fell, his paws grabbed at the top of the toilet for purchase, but instead got the lip of the toilet lid.


He isn’t speaking to you?

I wouldn’t be speaking to my cat if it had caused such a mess at 1 AM on a work night and forced me to wash it. Grrr.

Our black and white splotched longhair Estes loves to nap in the window sill in our bedroom. The other afternoon, while I was working on the computer there, unaware that Estes was napping, he fell out of the window sill. It startled me so badly I almost wet myself. But I got to thinking: With all the videos we’ve seen of sleeping cats sliding off their perches, does it ever happen in the wild? I mean, does a puma ever crawl up into a tree, nod off and slide out of the tree?

Why would you come into a lighthearted thread where everyone is having a good time and spew out something like this.

Shame on you. :mad:

“The Fog Creeps in on Little Cat Feet”

Yeah, right. This teaches me that Carl Sandburg never owned a cat. Especially at 3 in the morning.

“Lighthearted?” I thought we were simply stating cases of cats not being as dextrous and agile as they are said to be.

Not having any “cute” stories to share, I told the only cat story I had.

Ah, well. Live and learn. I’ll avoid cat discussions from now on.

I think there’s a bit of a difference between cats misstepping or being so stone-dead asleep that they don’t catch themselves slipping off the couch, and a cat whose sense of caution is overridden by panicked fight-or-flight instinct causing it to flee straight into mortal danger.

Basic rule of comedic thumb: Tragedy kills comedy.

I misinterprited the intent of the thread. I apologize, and if the mods wish to eradicate my previous post, by all means do so.

I am a night shift worker, thus nocturnal even on my days off. I was already up and looking for something to do anyway. Why not have a laugh at the cat’s expense? :smiley: