My cat the Klutz

My cat just fell off the bed trying to hijack the ham sandwich I made myself for lunch. She is now putting on the ‘pity me, I am staaaaaarving’ look. She might starve if I stopped feeding her for about 3 weeks…

Every cat I own has at least once fallen off the couch because they enjoy getting their bellies rubbed too much and flop around and miss the edge.

My dog Puzzle (may he rest in peace) was one of the most graceful and light-on-his-feet dogs I’d ever met. Until one day I was rubbing his tummy and he stretched just wrong and fell his fuzzy little ass right off the bed.

I had a beautiful persian who fell off the same window sill every day. It just wan’t quite wide enough for her big butt. She struggle to get comfy, fall asleep and surprise!

Now we have Maxx who runs into walls, falls off stuff and trips over the hall rug. Good thing he’s solid.

Lenny climbed up his cat tree and was sleeping soundly a good 5 feet off the floor. The he rolled off like a kid falling out of bed. Take note: cat’s only land on their feet if they are conscious during the fall. Knocked the wind out of himself.

Cats aren’t klutzes, they meant to do that. But if they were klutzes my Pi would definitely be one, but he has an excuse, he’s long and lean and only has one eye.

We moved from an apartment with carpeting, to one with hardwood floors. My cat would get himself all wound up and go running through the place. After the move, he suddenly didn’t have the carpeting to dig into, and spent a couple of weeks smacking his butt on the wall every time he tried to turn a corner at full speed. You could hear him coming down the hall, so there was time to turn around and watch it happen.

This is the same cat that once took a run across the room, lept up on the sofa, planning to end up laying along the back of the sofa. He underestimated inertia, and ended up doing a slow fall off the back of the sofa, right into a garbage can. Yep, he meant to do that.

my stretch the super-d-duper is a true cat klutz. when i brought him home the first thing he did was fall over. then he couldn’t get his feet under him. i watched him and thought “if i didn’t know better i’d think this cat has distemper.” when i took a picture of him i noticed one pupil did not react to the flash like the other one did. he was picked up off the street so now i’m thinking concussion?

once he was rescued he was checked out and given his shots and stuff. he spent most of his time in a small cage so he didn’t move around much. he is gorgeous so he was picked up and cuddled a lot but wasn’t given the run of the rescue facility and the store that showcases rescues.

i took him to the vet for a check up and when the vet watched him walk she said “something’s just not right” i said “yeah, if i didn’t know better i’d swear he had…” we both said distemper at the same time.

our theory is (because he is a rescue) he has some brain damage from being exposed to distemper possibly in utero. this results in a somewhat klutzy cat. he is not as bad as some other cats that were exposed, he does keep his feet under him, some will move like the “elaine dance” from seinfeld.

watching him walk across a soft surface like a bed or a couch is very cutsy/funny.

he missed jumps and leaps constantly, he will fall over when he stretches sometimes, and walks like each step is a stomp. you watch him walk and think “thud, thud, thud” everytime he puts a paw down.

when he leaps or pounces he is really funny. it looks overthought:

i will pounce upon this toy.
i will lean back a bit onto my back feet.
now i will lift my frount paws and put a curve in them.
now i will push off.

each step is done one at a time, not fluidly.

he really has taken some bad tumbles that i am surprized he walked away from and i think he doesn’t feel pain like other cats.

he is my chosen one and just the best guy, the klutzyness just makes him cuter.

I had a cat who was really a clutz. He rolled off the couch one time and fell onto the dog who was sleeping on the floor. Both animals were very surprised. That same cat fell into an inground pool. One minute he was walking on the concrete around the edge of the pool towards the backdoor, and the next minute I heard a “sploosh” and I had a wet cat.

Picachew (May She Rest In Peace) did that too. She was balancing along the edge of the inground pool, misstepped and “kersploosh” and she got out by herself and ran to get away. . . . Straight into the closed sliding glass door, bounced, then sat, shook her head real hard, and did it again, smack! By that time I got the door open for her. She dashed to our bed and dried herself on the bed. Sat and licked herself dry, that is. Thanks, Pica.

My dog KC will run so fast after a tennis ball that sometimes she’ll go ass over tin cups when she stops to grab it. She is an Australian Cattle dog.

So I take it she’s not Jewish, or Muslim or devout?


My cat was pretty sure footed, I only recall one time she fell. I fixed her shelf way up high. She’d jump from dresser, to filing cabinet to top shelf. Once she was rushing and went from floor to dresser to filing cabinet and slid right off the filing cabinet.

She would jump though. She’d climb trees and often she’d jump off them. Or once in a great while she’d jump from way on the top shelf across the room to the bed. Usually she didn’t but every once in awhile something would get into her.

Our almost 18-year-old cat has taken to sleeping on the back of a chair. It’s a wide back, but she still falls off – sometimes onto the carpeted floor, sometimes on the seat. After hearing a few thuds, I went :smack: and put another chair (with a cushion) behind the chair. Now he only falls about a foot, and onto something soft.

I think he might be senile. When he falls, most times he doesn’t even wake up. But one time he fell forward onto my lap and immediately latched onto my hand – all those teeth, through my skin. I waited for him to let go but he didn’t. Finally had to grab the back of his neck and move him. Poor old tired kitty.

Our dog Shamrock is a clod. She runs into walls, hates lenolium, and walks backwards to get out of the kitchen.

A couple years ago my daughter and I took her to a field to let her run around. At one point, she ran past us in an arc, fell over on her side, kept running sideways on the ground for about 10 yards or so, finally righted herself, then kept running like nothing happened.

Poor girl had a cone on her head for a few days a little while ago and was bumping into stuff even more.

One of my (now departed this mortal coil) cats was named George. His namesake was George of the Jungle, because of his propensity to run into walls back when he was a kitten.

Maybe you know this, but for everyone else, it’s called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. As a shelter tech, I’ve seen it quite a bit, to different degrees. These cats are fascinating to watch - and freaking adorable! One observation we’ve all made with these guys is they’re all super-friendly and easy to socialize (while there may be unsocial ones out there, I’ve never seen one yet after 8 years). It’s really cool to watch them learn once released onto the main adoption area, as they’re usually fairly young kittens when we get them, and get caged for a while during initial quarantine and through spay/neuter. Once released to run and do what they want - what a show! And seeing them go from almost unable to walk (some worse than others), to figuring out how to get their feet under them and even run - it’s amazing!

The disability really does make them utterly adorable, and I’ve never seen one stay long at the shelter. They have all been adopted very quickly.

i got stretch when he was 6 months old. thinking of him as a stray is just mindboggling. he was rescued about 2-3 weeks before i got him.

he was super d duper friendly but has become quite the fraidy cat in the last year. he does like people he just watches them from under the couch for a bit. then check them out. new cats terrify him and it takes a bit to get him okay with them.

he is a gorgeous tabby/siamese.

When I was kid we had a German Shepherd/Collie mix. He had to weigh close to a 100 lbs. And he would sleep on back, all four paws stuck up in the air.

She also like to sleep at the top of the stairs when everyone was in bed. It was cooler in the hallway. Apparently he rolled over the wrong way and went ass over teakettle down the entire flight of stair, no carpeting on stairs.

Needless to say, it was quite loud, and my father came out of his room, packing heat. He was a law enforcement officer.
ETA: the dog was not hurt. Just his pride.

My cat’s a klutz too, a. He’ll be walking along just fine, and all of a sudden he just “plops” and lies there. It’s funny to watch, and he doesn’t seem sick. Took him for his rabies shot and the vet didn’t seem concerned.

Now what does piss me off? He gets in the shower, he doesn’t poop in there (we have one of those Litter Robots which I bought when I was still single), but if D or I leave something on the ledge - yes he will knock it over, scares himself, tries to jump out and gets caught in the curtain. He gets scolded for that, but he’s like me: CRS (can’t remember shit!) :wink:


well, they do say that pets and their owners tend to resemble each other :smiley: