Cats vs. Dogs: How do you want to live?

All of the legal threads has me thinking about the root of many of the arguments. So I ask this question:

Do you want to live as

A) A cat (ie personal freedom with minimal interferance, but also minimal security)


B) A dog (ie little personal freedom with massive interferance, but maximum security)

I’m more of a cog.

Dogs rule cats drool.

Cats swoop dogs poop

Dogs have masters

Cats have staff.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

So, your cats are all full of shit? I thought so.

Takes one to know one. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I’m a dot, myself.

Always been a cat person myself. I pretty much do live like a cat at the mo anyway.

You sleep twenty hours a day and spend the rest of your time killing vermin?

Our **Feline Overlords ** do not permit me to respond to threads like this.

I’m all dat.

Though I don’t understand the lack of security for the cats thing. Seems like they have freedom AND security.

Do I get to keep my claws? If so, cat. If not, then the metaphor breaks.

I can’t consider being a dog.

(sidenote: dogs ram their noses in every butt in town, when you kiss a dog, where do you kiss? Ewwww…

Obviously not a dog person anyhow.)

Yep, you get to keep your claws.
The lack of security for a cat comes from a shorter life-span if allowed outside at night compared to the average dog. Being free to roam increases injury, plus cats being smaller makes them harder to see when driving over them. It’s interesting to note that indoor cats have about the same life expectancy as dogs, so then they have the same security with less behavioral expectations.

I think I’m a cat that wants to be a dog wishing he was a cat…


If you consider monsters in ‘Quake’ to be vermin, then… yeah, pretty much.

I’d rather be a bonobo. :wink:

I remain a human being.

I’m an elephant shrew, of course. Small, endangered, and I eat bugs.

Y’know, come to think of it, I’m having a hard time seeing the selling point in this racket.

A cat. A big, mother-fucking cat. One that makes a lion look look like a tabby.

Anything but a candiru.

Of course you would.