Ours will no longer drink from her water bowl, but instead jumps up by the kitchen sink and demands we turn it on so that she can drink from the flowing water. Apparently, water that has been in the bowl for more than 30 seconds goes bad or something.

Here’s the absolute,the ultimate,the world’s most famous “weird-kitty-with-the-kitchen-sink” video

I love how our Maine Coon gets embarrassed after we trim her. She knows it was a bad haircut… and she’s usually right.

Oh no, no, no. My sister’s cat would watch the world from the window. When her then boyfriend would turn up the front walk, cat would arch it’s back & hiss. Cat didn’t like him for nothin’.
Too bad for the cat she did; cat was rehomed & they’ve been married for 20+ years.

Well, yeah. I should have added: “if they like you in the first place”. If they decide that you’re just an asshole, then you might be out of luck.

If I were your sister, BTW, I would have taken the hint from the cat and ditched the boyfriend. I don’t what the problem with him might have been, but I would trust the cat’s judgement. That might just be me, though.

We share our home with 2 felines - the Bengal has been here 7 years, the fluffy gray one for 6. Taz, the Bengal, has recently taken to burrowing under the covers on my husband’s side of the bed for a morning nap after we’ve vacated the bed. He’ll also yell at us to turn on the faucet so he can drink. That’s especially charming at 4AM. We have to lock the bedroom door at night because he can open it - resulting in the unnerving sound of him jumping on the handle to try to get in while we’re dead asleep.

Ziva, the fluff-ball, despite living here most of her life (we adopted her at 11 months) still runs away from my husband, altho she’ll allow him to pet her when she’s at her dish, noshing on kibbles. If she sees me reading in bed, it’s time for her to lie on my chest between my eyes and the book, filling my face with her fluff while licking my hand.

And, naturally, both of them, and the pug, have to help me go pee. I can’t remember the last time I was in the bathroom alone. They’re endlessly entertaining and marginally psycho - so, yeah, typical cats.

I have one who likes to be brushed, and when she knows I’m brushing my own hair, which she does no matter where I am and where she is, she comes running into the room and starts poking at me until I take a break and brush her a little (no, not with my brush, I have to go find her brush, which, since she plays with it, could be anywhere). You’d think she could at least bring me the damn brush.

My elderly cat wants to drink from the bathtub or toilet when she has a cold. At least it induces me to clean them more often.