A couple of years ago I bought the cats a new fluffy,soft fleece bed… They were horrified and walked around it with great suspicion… for 2 years:eek: This morning I found the tube of catnip and applied it to the bed… Now the Mizzer loves it and says “MY bed” :smack: Cats!! :rolleyes:

Creamsicle is an indoor/outdoor cat, since the skinny thing wandered into our yard craving attention. Yesterday, after having been outside in the wet, she jumped up on ‘mom’s’ new – white – comforter.

Cats are definitely weird.

The feline species as a whole have to be regarded with certain suspicion. They think they are more intelligent than us humans, and in most cases they are correct in that thinking. :smiley:

Sure, but they needn’t be so damned arrogant about it…

Cats are bad. They know that they’re bad. They know you know they’re bad.

And they don’t care.

Now she wants to play fetch – -- only she doesn’t have the whole “Bring it TO the human” thing down… She’ll bat the ball around a few times,then come where I am and yowl at me to go git the ball and throw it.

She’s simply training YOU to fetch.

I once had a kitten who knew how to fetch without being taught. One day I absentmindedly through a plastic bottle cap for her to chase. She chased it and brought it back to me. And whenever she brought one back a little beyond my reach, she’d move it closer with her paw. Smart kitty.

Cats are easier to understand if you think of them as being very like fur-covered 18 to 24 month old humans. They have a surprising amount in common with toddlers. Suddenly become interested in something when someone else is playing with it? check. Desperately need your attention at one moment but pretend they’re deaf when you want theirs the next? Check. Extremely jealous of a sibling getting attention? check. Think nothing of bowling one another over or whacking them in the face for fun? check. More fun to eat off the floor than out of a bowl? Check. Make messes/destroy things because it’s fun? check. Forget they’ve been scolded for doing [insert that] 100 times? check. Loathe bathtime yet enjoys splashing water around? check.

Because they’re like toddlers to make something “new” again is easy. Put it somewhere unexpected for a while. For example, if we move the cat condo to wash the floor, putting it in the next room, they act like it’s the most fascinating thing they’ve ever seen again, even if they’ve ignored it for a while.

Cats are the absolute best. I could never live without one.

In some ways, yes, I suppose so.

Cats do have one major benefit over human children, though: They usually also resemble human adults a lot, in that they don’t actually need you all that much. Or, well, they need you a sensible amount of the time, like a perfect roommate or friend. They have their own agendas and their own lives. They don’t cry if you leave the room. Some are attention-seekers, I suppose, but they won’t be traumatized or die if you put them aside to get on with their thing while you get on with yours for a while. A lot of the time, they really just want to go off and do their cat jobs.

Obviously, they don’t have credit cards, so you need to get the food and pay the rent. So there’s that. On the other hand, that does actually sound like a few roommates I’ve had.

They need and want an entirely reasonable amount of attention, and they do behave like grown-ups in a lot of ways. They won’t ruin your entire life, the way a toddler does. :wink:

To be honest, I’m often the one sucking up to cats for attention, more than the other way around.

with teeth and claws and no hesitation using them no matter who or what.

Yes. And I love that.

If they were the size of tigers, it might be a problem. But they’re handbag-sized, so it really isn’t.

One thing I love about cats: Honesty. Paradoxical as it sounds, they usually don’t pussyfoot around an issue. And nothing is more handy for being honest than some teeth and some claws. If they’re fed up with your shit, they’ll tell you.

Another thing I love about them: No talent for holding grudges. The claws are out for a moment, and half a minute later the quarrel is usually forgotten and forgiven. Unlike girlfriends, cats won’t sulk or go all passive-aggressive on you, or bring up that thing you did five years ago when they have some beef with you.

They give it to you straight, and then you’re cool again.

Lots and lots of cuddling and squee punctuated by occasional short bursts of telling it to you straight. Yup, I can totally work with that. I wish my human relationships were more like that.

In times like this you need to have a dog and cat grow up together and become Best Friends. Then one can sit on the couch drinking their favorite beverage and watch the antics between canine and feline.
When it works, it’s great entertainment. :cool:

Cat logic

Cats have logic from OUTER SPACE.
Yes they do.
And they mess with my tin-foil cap every morning. I think they like the sound of it crinkling while they try to wake me up.
Little do they they know that I have a spare one hidden under the bed HAHA!

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Sad Cat Diary.

Also, you can go away for a couple of days, and leave a big bowl of food, and a dripping faucet. You do that with your toddler, and you go to prison.

I had a black Manx kitten fetch a crumpled empty cigarette pack I threw towards a garbage can. It had not been home for an hour and it dropped the crumpled ball right in front of me. I turned and glared at my Rottie who refuted every attempt to fetch by taking the ball and running away from me. The Rottie was not impressed but let the Manx sleep on top of her.