Not enough people have enough cats in their homes.

I recommend at least 1 cat per household, and a total of up to two cats per 500 sq. ft. of living space. This number is not reduced by the quantity or size of non-cat biologicals infesting the living space.

It outta be a law.

You’re working for them aren’t you?

Who doesn’t?

They always say dogs have owners, but cats have ‘staff’.

That’s because they’re so loyal.

Counter point: if you were small enough to be eaten by a your cat it would eat you.


The Dog Council.

^ Dogs don’t need to have an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

Their natural ferocity has not been bred out of them and replaced with mindless loyalty. They love whom they want, they eat whom they want. How can anyone not respect and revere that kind of honesty? :smiley:

There are too many apartments in my area that don’t allow pets. :frowning:
It leads to many abandoned pets. It’s so sad.


That is only borderline “small enough to be eaten”, though.

Yet Jesus Christ (Superstar) does? WWJD?

If I were a paleolithic cave dude, my tribe would totally have a puma or three. Nobody’d mess with us. The wolf owners next door would fall to the first rival tribe with steaks to occupy the wolf guards. You’d know when you’re crossing into our territory because you’d have to wade through a catnip barrier. And become a ‘toy’.

You need beams in your ceiling for proper Cat husbandry.
And a huge desire to be subservient to the feline royalty.

Might we take it as given that the OP himself owns multiple cats? And that their existence at least indirectly prompted this thread? I think that puts this thread in violation of one of the board’s rules.

Can’t. I’m allergic to them dying.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Chicken. 11 y/o rescue panther.

My house is 1600 sq ft. At 2 cats/500 sq ft, I need 6.4 cats. I only have one, so must acquire 5.4 cats.

I’ll get right on that.

Awwww! Chicken is sweet.:slight_smile:

One cat is fine. Two is probably optimal. Three is workable in a large enough place. Four-five you’re starting to enter into the “I have too many cats” zone. Six or more if you’re living alone is probably crazy cat person territory ;).

Modifiable by the good old 1 cat + 1 per human living in the house rule.