Cats rule!

One of the forty-eight or so stray cats who live in the courtyard of my apartment complex enjoys coming to a window to “court” our indoor female cats. He’s a disagreeable cuss, and can often be seen chasing lesser cats away from the food.

Mrs. Gent saw him at the open window this afternoon and yelled at him to scat. He glared at her, turned around so his rear end was facing the open window, and sprayed a brief shower of smelly cat piss through the screen before running off.

Now, I hate cat piss as much as the next guy, but you’ve gotta admire his moxie. Who among us has not felt like pissing at those who vex us? Cats rule.

::looks around the livingroom, and notes five cats staring at her::
Yes, yes! Cats RULE!!! ::nervous chuckle::

Enough with admiring his moxie. You should admire his dead carcass after you’ve filled him full of lead.

Weeellll…cats are cool, no doubt! I have three, & one is a feral kitty who started coming into my house as a kitten so I trapped & spayed her. Now she is sort of tame.

I have many feral cats around my house. Gent…You won’t find the marking habit so cute when your house starts smelling like cat piss! I have a brick house & the tomcat pee permeated the brick, so that I began smelling it inside if I had a window open. ick.

I went on a little crusade to cut down the feral population around here with a neighbor of mine. (No, we didn’t riddle them with bullets.) A local cat care society rents feral traps for $5.00 a week (Humane Society is free but there’s a waiting list.) A non-profit vet hospital spays/neuters/gives shots for &20.00. It was sort of fun going out in the mornings to see what we’d caught! Hehe.

We got 11 cats that way. This spring there was a definite decrease in the amorous nightime yowling, and I don’t have to clean my front window (which was a target for kitty taggers) nearly as often.

That cat is my new hero. I gotta try that sometime, pissing on people when they annoy me.

“Did you realize that you were speeding, miss?”…“I was not! pisses on cop”…hmm. It’s late here. I’m easily amused.

Um, I’m not sure that I would desribe an animal that had just pissed in my window as “great”.

“Rotten Varment” would be more apt.


You mean you’re not supposed to piss on people who make you mad? This suddenly explains my lack of friends. :stuck_out_tongue: