Who was the best Catwoman?

I’ll say this at least … nobody could rrrRROWrrr like Eartha Kitt with her unique voice. Hearing her speak always gave me an eerie feeling. I used to wonder what foreign accent she spoke with. I never could have imagined she was a Carolina farm girl!

Julie Newmar. My first TV crush!!! Some fan has really gone overboard on her unbelievable collection of photos. Here’s another

OH, yeah…

No one else ever sounded like Catwoman the way Eartha did. Hell, she still does.

I’ll give it to Eartha for the purr, but Julie Newmar . . . wow. She had the complete package. A Goddess!

Julie Newmar for sure. My first TV crush also. Now excusse me, I’m gonna go click on the links from King Rat’s thread.

Of course, Yvonne Craig as Bat Girl was the hot ticket also.

Eartha Kitt. MEOW.

Julie Newmar. It took me years to figure out why I was (at 8 years old) so taken with her tight black leather outfit and cat o’nine tails whip.

Yes! The Seven of Nine of her day. As a seven & eight year old I was completely smitten. Another reason to vote for Julie: I think that she was the only Catwoman where the sexual tension between her and Batman was palpable.

Julie Newmar was one of the brides in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” Her character was the one who wondered which brother had been sleeping in HER bed. I think she was Dorcas.

Oh God, I love Julie Newmar

Mrs. Mobius also thinks she was cast as Dorcas, but I didn’t verify it beyond her word.

As far as answering the tough OP question, I think Michelle Pfeiffer had a really unique characterization of the Catwoman in Batman Returns and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her portrayal of Batman’s nemesis. It was a shame she had to share the spotlight with Danny DeVito’s Penguin (though his performance was also good).

Ahhhh. Who am I kidding? How do you choose between them?

And before she’s lost in the greater debate here, what about Lee Meriwether?

Adrienne Barbeau. :cool:

Mrs. Mobius is one sharp cookie, and you should thank the heavens you married her. The original movie credits list her as “Julie Newmeyer”, but it’s her all right.

Go to the IMdB and you’ll find her name listed as we know (and love) it in the credits. Her given name is Julia Newmeyer.

And she also caused this pre-teen “Batman” watcher to experience emotions hitherto unknown. Lordy Lou, she was a looker!