Saw it in Atlanta.

It definitely shows influences from Cirque, but it should, given the founder.

The tents were amazing, the seats were small, but good - we did the Rendez-vouz package, and were in close and center.

At a certain level, you really have to be a horse person to like the show.

Well, being a horse person certainly helps. :slight_smile: I saw it three years ago or so and was positively enthralled. I’m more of a horse hobbyist than anything, but I know enough to be able to appreciate a lot of what they did on a different level. My hubby, who is no horseman but knows a bit about horses since we have one, greatly enjoyed it.

I am jealous. I have wanted to see this show since I first heard about it. It looks freakin’ AWESOME.


What I want to know is, what was going thru their tiny little minds when they quote Larry King (“The greatest show I have ever seen.”) on their billboard ads? Larry King? Come on.

Didn’t see the King ads - the show doesn’t need Larry’s “help.”

I can see where the money goes - the budget for horses - care, air travel and the like must be large.