Caveat emptor?

GRANBY, Que. (CP) — A Quebec man is demanding compensation for a penis enlarger he claims never worked, despite 500 hours of use.

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I like the way the Judge will “hand down” a decision.

Of course, it is in small claims court… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bet they get a hung jury…

I hope there’s a stiff sentence.

What a dick.

Takes big balls to bring a suit like that.
Maybe he just got the wrong model…

I’ll bet if he doesn’t get a big settlement, he’ll have a stroke.

Maybe several.

I think he got shafted.

I wonder what his statement of claim was like. Did he mention the little details?

Then they’ll have to poll each member, eh.

If he wins, though, won’t *he *be cocky?

Probably won’t be a long trial.

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See this is the problem. If there had been a hung jury with a stiff sentence, he would have never brought action against the company.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury… the defendant claims that the product in question was not, in fact a device, but, more properly, a procedure. We, Bigusdikus Inc, hired and retained a surgeon to remove the plaintiff’s foreskin, and thereby allow the full measure of his member to be fully realised. Additionally, we employed a plastic surgeon, to take the flesh that was removed, and by use of modern techniques, reduce the wrinkles around his eyes.

The plaintiff has no case, your honour, as he claims he is cock eyed, but no one can contest that he also has great foresight…

The defense rests