CBS NFL studio changes for next season!

CBS has apparently let Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe go for next year.

Tony Gonzalez has been hired to fill one of the slots, and the second is being held open for now… There is some feeling that if Rex Ryan is available, it could be his. There are other candidates as well.

Let me be the first to say “THANK YOU CBS!!!”

I have avoided their NFL Show like the plague ever since Shannon “Mush Mouth” Sharpe got his job. I couldn’t understand one word in three he said. And it wasn’t just me, either. Just about everyone I ever spoke to about that show remarked on how difficult it was to understand Shannon.

I liked Dan Marino, and I’m surprised they let him go, but maybe they wanted to shake things up and get some new blood on the set. Dan wasn’t great, but he wasn’t bad. I think he will land on his feet somewhere if he wants to continue in that profession.

If Shannon gets another job, I will be surprised. I am pretty sure his brother Sterling works at the NFL Network, so I guess that is a possibility, but I hope not. However, if he ends up getting hired somewhere, I pray it won’t be ESPN. That will make him more visible than ever.

Sharpe’s enunciation is a lot less clear than what you’d expect from a professional television announcer, so he stands out, but I’ve never had any trouble actually understanding what he says.
I don’t think the CBS or Fox studio shows can be fixed, though, regardless. Their problems are too fundamental. They have half a dozen guys sitting there, failing at a job that requires no more than two to succeed at. The halftime highlights are fine, but it really is something that could be done by one guy behind a desk, and every moment they spend giving us their thoughts on What do the Jets need to do in the 2nd Half to get back in it? is just wasted time that could be better spent on more highlights.

The pregame shows are a catastrophe. They spend their time laughing at awful jokes and spouting the same largely-brainless conventional wisdom that 95% of sports writers and pundits rely on 95% of the time, with no meaningful or convincing analysis, nothing novel or insightful. Occasionally someone will come on to diagram a play, and they get you *some *injury updates 15 minutes after they’re available on Yahoo or whatever. Ugh. But outside of that, they could slip cyanide into everyone’s coffee and then spend the whole 2 hours with cameras rolling on the rotting corpses of Boomer, Cowher, J.B. and the rest of the gang, and it would actually be an improvement. At least then I could read the paper in fucking peace.

Sorry, I’m going through a hard time right now.

I’m right, though, hyperbole aside.

I have avoided that show since Bill Cowher was brought on board, however long ago that was. I also dislike Boomer. They got rid of two duds and they could clean house altogether and I might watch it again. But I’ve gotten into the habit of just waiting for the game and skipping all that palaver.

Since college games are more often than not on ESPN (with a nod to CBS for SEC coverage) I tend to mute the commentary altogether and just go with the pictures. Lou Holtz has killed any interest I ever had in ESPN’s “commentary.”

A while back, I posted the link to a 1983 NFL Today halftime show, and all they had in the studio were two people: Brent Musburger and Irv Cross. As such, when I saw that, I thought along the same lines you’re thinking (of course, the video was taken down and the link was therefore invalidated, but just the same, you’ve made a good point).

Those shows also had Jimmy The Greek going over the betting lines, and Phillis George doing human interest. I don’t think they sat at the same desk at the same time, but they were still part of the show.

Still, there weren’t six or seven ex-players trying to be clever and funny. The show was much more subdued and watchable.

I forgot about Irv Cross. I liked him. And Musburger is still broadcasting, which is amazing. He still does a good job, even if it’s on a limited basis.

Somebody (probably the Sports Guy on ESPN) joked that at some point the pregame shows will have nine people in a Hollywood Squares format. The big question was who would get the center square.

Please let it be Paul Lynde!

(He’s dead, right?)

Well, alive or dead, he’s my choice!

Jesus, the man has neen dead since 1982!

No wonder I couldn’t remember hearing about his death. It was over 30 years ago! :smack:

Shannon Sharpe is gone? Now I might check into CBS for the grand total of 45 minutes I watch pre-game NFL these days. I used to watch more, but morons like Sharpe turned me off.

Another good point! Here’s a full pregame edition with everyone, from 9/13/81 (Week 2 of the 1981 season):

“There is some feeling”? Is that like “Some say…”? Who has that feeling? Is it you? Because maybe you are not aware that Rex Ryan got a multi-year extension from the Jets a month ago. He is obviously not going anywhere.

I think the CBS show is pretty much unwatchable. It feels to me that the Fox show is more of a natural reflection of the personalities of those on the show, like em or not. The CBS show always felt like an attempt to clone the Fox formula and always fell flat. Sharpe was just awful and Marino seemed to be forcing it. Boomer is the only one I liked.

The only way I can remember the difference between Boomer Edison and Phil Simms is that Phil is the dumb one.