CD/DVD burning software recommendations

I’m in the process of rebuilding my system and might need to buy software for burning CDs and DVDs. I think I had Easy CD Creator Version 4.something on the system before it died. Can anyone recommend something? I’m willing to pay for decent software. I know the obvious two are Nero and Roxio Easy CD Creator, but the latest version of the Roxio software seems bloated.

You may still be able to get Roxio version 6, which is contained on one installation CD. The new version is on two discs and is now a DVD creation and editing suite. I just found version 6 at Best Buy on the deadstock rack for $30. Works like a charm.

The Roxio product on the PC platform must suck and/or be a badly ported underpowered piece of crap compared to Toast, the Mac version. Toast rocks.

Another vote for Roxio.

OK, thanks. I’ll look for Roxio version 6 tonight.

Well, I’ve made in excess of eight thousand CDs and hundreds of DVDs with it, without a coaster, and all of them still work. I can’t agree with you there, A.

The reason I called the latest version of Roxio bloated is that includes all of this, much of which I don’t want:

Backup MyPC™ 6 Deluxe
DVDInfo Pro
Label Creator
LP and Tape Assistant
Creator Classic®
Media Manager
Disc Copier
MyDVD Slideshow™
Disc Image Loader
DivX-to-DVD Creator
PhotoSuite® 7 Platinum
Sound Editor
DVD Builder®
VideoWave® 7 Professional

I wasn’t writing as a user of Roxio for the PC, I was just responding to what looked like the zillionth PC user posting that Roxio / Easy CD Creator is a substandard product.

Toast on the Mac has 3 ancillary applications (they only run if you specifically launch them): Spin Doctor, Audio Extractor, iView Multimedia. Toast itself is sleek and easy to use.

I have been using Slysoft with their programs Slysoft and Clone DVD together and they are quick and easy with on-going updates online for free. Highly recommended. I have the Nero Suite also but use this one the majority of the time.

I recommend Nero.