CD Suggestions: Worst of Best Intentions Songs

My fellow Dopers, I need some CD song suggestions here!

It’s a little bit complicated, so I’ll try to explain it the best I can: I wish to make two mixtape CDs: 1. Best of Worst Intentions and 2. The Worst of Best Intentions CDs. I’m having a really hard time distinguishing the two though, and I can’t think of many songs right now, so I may just make it one CD: The Worst of Best Intentions.

Basically I’m looking for two types of song suggestions:
For Worst of the Best Intentions:*

  • This one requires songs that is slightly different: this is bad/negative behavior perpetrated by the subject in order to do something positive in their own minds. Basically they THINK they’re doing something good, but they go about it in the Worst way possible. This one is more about a story of actions that show the behaviors rather than verbally telling the listeners. So it’s more show than tell.

The Best of the Worst Intentions:*
-This is positive behavior/actions being advocated by the artist/subject of the song but the message is lost due to the negative actions being taken while advocating the message. So this is more of a the subject THINKS he’s advocating something positive more than actually DOING it. It’s more verbal in it’s content than physical. It’s more tell than show.

Of course, I’ve got an open mind and ear- so ANY suggestions to WHY you think a song would fit either category would be welcome.
A few words on why you chose the song would be nice as well.
Bonus points if you can actually come up with both of the CD song suggestions from the SAME artist.
Addendum** No rap songs please.
I can think of PLENTY of rap songs that could follow this example, I’m looking for Rock songs or other music of a similar format, but if you can think of a Rap song, I’ll pass. I can think of plenty of those (just look up an Eminem album or two).

That said, here are my two examples- hopefully this will clarify it better:
Worst of the Best: Sublime’s Wrong Way.
-This is the song that gave me this idea, in it the singer pretty much explains how he helped a 14 plus year old prostitute run away from her abusive father and brothers. However, before he helps her get away, he repeatedly has sex with her and discusses perhaps that they should just shoot the father dead, before she eventually runs away. Now he realizes it was probably not the best way to help her out. It was the Wrong way.

Best of the Worst Intentions: Sublime’s Right Now.
-This is the verbal one- in it the Singer explains to the crowd that tattling is not cool. He points out that there’s always someone out there who’s an “informer” who’ll call the cops and ruin the band’s fun when they try to smoke weed. So he advocates a new solution to dealing with the people who try to sell you out- just pull out the .9 and shoot them on the spot (Either that, or he’s advocating shooting the cops, not really sure there).
But in that one he’s just trying to say “please, don’t be an informer, don’t snitch on people.” It’s like you’re back in kindergarten, and learning that sometimes being a tattletale is a bad thing!
But then he gives his reasoning- it’s because he wishes to smoke pot, and then he advocates just shooting the informers. Which all kinda disrupts his whole message and ruins it. :smack:
So- what are examples you Dopers can think of that you could justify as belonging in either category? I’ve love to actually be able to make a CD of all these mixed message songs!

“Have a Cigar” from Wish You Were Here


Barenaked Ladies “Break Your Heart” - the singer says the worst thing he’s ever done was to stick with his girlfriend he didn’t love (because he didn’t want to break her heart) and the best thing he’s ever done was to take off.

I think that fits…one…

Genesis - “The Knife”. Basically a song about a guy who’s goal is to eliminate what he perceives as evil in the world, but by getting others to do his dirty work.
“Some of you are going to die / Martyrs of course to the freedom I will provide.”