Cecil Adams SPOKE to me!

Oh. My. God.

Here: Cecil speaks

First time he’s spoken since 4/24/2004!
Woo Hoo!!! My life now has meaning! :cool:

I need to post in your thread, so some of the specialness will rub off.


But he spoke to ME. I mean, he quoted me and everything!

<happy dance, happy dance!>

Good Og, I’ve actually met the person who was the recipient of the Perfect Master’s 132nd post.

I may never shower again – and not just because of whatever other dangers that activity might entail.

That’s ok, Twicky my dear, I still consort with the rest of you lesser beings. Just wear sunglasses so that the brilliance of my Cecil-granted aura doesn’t blind you!

Technically speaking he wrote to you, or addressed your question. When you said he spoke to you I had this image of you receiving a phone call or, even worse, voices in your head.

You know, that’s interesting. I always think of these posts as ‘saying’, ‘speaking’, ‘said.’ Sometimes when I’m reading them, I sort-of hear an imaginary voice of the person saying what they’re writing.

In any case, you are quite right. The Great Master did not physically or audibly speak to me.

That doesn’t stop my

<happy dance! happy dance!>

Not technically writing ? :smiley:

It’s certainly very cool and I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. Just I was a little scared about what the OP might be about. “Cecil Adams spoke to me. He told me to do my homework and clean behind the fridge. The Dog spoke to me and told me to vote Republican across the board. My Cat spoke to me and told me to eat at McDonalds and murder my neighbors.” So glad it wasn’t anything like that.


Kids today, so excited by trivial brushes with greatness.

Now, I, OTOH, was personally welcomed to the boards by the master himself… :cool: :smiley:



THis “kid” is 48 years old.

But, she was not welcomed to the boards by the Perfect Master. :frowning: Can I see it, huh, huh, huh?

Here. Back when the world was young and Cecil could occasionally be coaxed down off of Mt. Olympus to play in the muck with us mere mortals. I’m the lowercase “dave” in that post.

What did he sound like in imaginary?

James Earl Jones doing the Voice of God (“This is CNN.”), of course!

Hey, He did welcome me, Dave! My name is Amy, so I was the first one. Of course, I wasn’t a member yet, but do you really think the Perfect Master can’t look into the future? :smiley:

Welcome to the small and very exclusive club.

It is written in the stars (and now on this message board) that Cecil’s 666th post will be directed at me. : evil smiley :

He will then reveal unto me my true destiny!

In other words: tell me what I can go do with myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, indeed, welcome.

Argh, forgot the sig.

Thank you!