Cecil Adams Spotted In The Wild!

Turned on the TV showing a random Seinfeld episode from 1992. George, Elaine, Kramer, etc. are riding separate subway cars and the show is about random subway conversations and events.

Kramer is standing and falls against a stout dude holding a few books in his lap in a pile. The visible book, though not well shown, is clearly the black covered edition of The Straight Dope.

Has anyone noticed this before? Not for some time?

I think so:

Does that count as a ninja?

Super Ninja!

How long to supersize a ninja?

I don’t get how someone observant enough to see this trivial detail could mistake a bus and a subway car, though. :wink:

I was focused on the book of course.

Just today I was working through a book of older crosswords (original dates aren’t given, but from various time-sensitive clues I would guess around 2000 give or take 5 years), and there was the clue, right there: “Cecil, author of The Straight Dope.”

I had to think a minute. I have a terrible memory for names.