Straight Dope book seen on "Seinfeld"?

I caught a bit of the Seinfeld clip show the other day, and during a scene when Kramer was trying to squeeze into a spot on a bus, the young fellow who was already in the bus seat was holding a book that appeared to be one of the “Straight Dope” books (I’m not the only fellow who is always interested in what books are being carried by people on TV shows and movies, am I?). Did I rediscover something that was well-known on the board, or is this news to everyone else?

Don’t remember that. Is it one of these clips?:

Unfortunately not. But I found it anyway - Kramer’s on a subway, not a bus Kramer Subway Seat - Seinfeld - YouTube - check out 00:16 and after - the kid with the hat has the book in his left hand (on top of several other books), and it sure looks like one of the Straight Dope books.

List of Straight Dope books for reference.

OP: You’ve got an insane-- ridiculously, impressively insane-- eye for detail, but I’m not sure that that book he’s holding matches the color scheme of any of the SD books. Very close, and I could be wrong…

I’m pretty sure you’re right, looks like the first one:

To me, it does kind of look like the first one. He’s holding it upside down.

Yeah that’s the one I was thinking of.

Thanks (I think).

Yeah, I think it is.

But was that supposed to be real? That’s the worst slapstick since the Three Stooges.

Not a watcher of the show.

Yeah, it sure looks like the first book!

Just watched it several times, and can’t say for sure. Maybe it is, but maybe it isn’t.

The only book for which we can see a significant amount of the cover looks too thick to be one of the Straight Dope books.

I am pretty sure it is. I have a copy of that someone and if it the pages are yellow I think that will clinch it.

I would venture a guess they just needed someone carrying books for the shot and grabbed some books from around. I wouldn’t be shocked if the writers didn’t read SB books at the time.

I feel I see it clearly. On top of another book. Good find!!

I agree it’s the first Straight Dope book. It’s pretty clear, actually.

I just checked it versus my copy and that’s definitely it. The edges of the pages are yellow and the proportions are right.

The first one was a regular paperback and had 400+ pages. The other books were trade paperbacks and were larger in dimensions but thinner (except for the second one, which was quite thick).

Any link to the clip or a high-quality still from a blu-ray/dvd for us to see it?

The clip is in post #3.

You don’t really need a high resolution image to make the ID.