Cecil is Unamerican!

A clue in his latest column:

Were he USAn he’d surely have said “My ass”.


What sort of shite is this, then?

Bolocks! Now that is a horse (Or rather, donkey), of a diffrent colour.

Don’t you mean a “clew” in his latest column?

While I’m sure he’s a loophole legend, no, I’ve never thought of him as nautical.

I’ll have you know that I was at uni with Cecil, and he’s an absolutely charming (and all-American!) bloke.

You mean Ed Zotti, right?

When asked to comment, Cecil replied: “Merde! Mon secret est exposé!”

Well… Cecil appears to have form in this area.

In the article on Perpetual Motion, currently on the front page, Cecil’s opinion of Joseph Newman’s rural background reads:

"Country boy," my arse.

Oh, what a bloody pickle this is.

But these days nobody has a donkey, whereas everyone still has an arse, and thanks to certain eating habits increasingly so. IMHO this is Cecil giving us the Straight Dope on how to properly use this particular colorful bit of language, and by example attempts to lead us away from such beastly language corruption.

Where exactly do they use the spelling “diffrent”?

Or for that matter “bolocks”

When it is far after the time I should be asleep. That’s when.

If you want to get semantical, you must realize that “America” includes several countries, including those in South America, Mexico and Canada, where they would have many terms besides “arse” for ignorant people that try to claim that “America” only refers to the country that couldnt come up with a unique name and rather called its self “the united states of…”.

As opposed to the other country that couldn’t think of a name for itself and so called itself “The United Kingdom of…” ?

There is not continent or any other piece of land called “America.” There is a continent called “North America” and a continent called “South America” and the two of them collectively may be referred to as “the Americas,” but “America,” singular and all by itself, can’t really be taken as being anything but short for “the United States of America.”

Oh, be fair. “United Kingdom of the Netherlands” was never the official name.

No, wait…err… :wally

By your specific analysis, there is no country called ‘America’ therefore referring to the USA as such is equally wrong.