Cecily Adams

I was at the bookstore today–and there was a magazine that caught my eye. the name ‘Cecily Adams’ was on it.

Apparently–Cecily is an actress for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and play’s the recurring character ‘Ishka’s’ role.

Does anyone else just think that’s weird?


I hope he has perky boobs. I hate saggy boobs in star trek outfits.

((My italics))

I hope he doesn’t have boobs at all.

Yes, I’ve been wondering this same thing, too. I think she’s on the Voyager cast, as well.

Nobody has saggy boobs in ST. Against Starfleet Directive #2 (the only one Kirk enforces). OK, maybe Mr. Scott in the movies…

If they can heal deadly internal wounds in seconds, you’d better bet they have a cure for sagging Coopers ligaments in the future. Half the medical researchers will be women by then, you know, and all with aching backs from the same stupid 19th century bras. (Some things won’t change)

This thread reminds me of a line out of the Star Trek: Insurrection movie.

Counselor Troi and Dr. Crusher are discussing their boobs. To paraphrase, Troi says “Have you noticed that your breasts are firming up?”, to which Crusher responds “but we don’t worry about these things”. Data is standing about five feet away from them, listening into their conversation with a look of befuddlement. He then turns away and approaches Worf and repeats to him what the two women said. Worf just looks at him funny and walks away.

Okay, so we have now gotten way off topic from the OP.