Celebration in Seattle!

There will be extra cause to rejoice at this evening’s Seattle/Pacific Northwest Dopefest following the Mariner’s sweep of the hapless Chicago White Sox.

We paid enough for 'em – they’d better win!

Lucky for you the ump didn’t call that little step on the plate, huh? At least your boys will get some rest.

Now, if only the Yankees can get past the A’s…

Shall I bring my spiffy WOOF WOOF WOOF sign, then? :slight_smile:

Go Mariners!*

(*Shameless attempt to suck up to Scotticher. Somebody please discretely point her to this thread.)

Thanks, luv.

I just KNEW you’d see it my way sooner or later!


My office is enthralled by the M’s. A buddy is feuding with his wife over money for playoff tickets. A cheer went up all over the hospital this afternoon when they won.

But I can’t quite get past the fact that the last time they won the division championship, their ownership conspired with our Governor to take a half billion dollars from the people of our State. Some of that half-billion is mine.

I am comforted by the fact that they choked in the League championship in 1995. They will choke again, and return to the disfavor of the public and the basement of the American League.

The Mariners stink.

It’s always so pleasant to wake up on a gorgeous fall day such as today. It just puts everyone in such a positive mood!

I just LOVE a positive mood.

And I love the Mariners.

Go Ms!! Is Joey Cora still with the team? Everyone felt so bad for him in '95. Poor kid.

Joey was traded to Cleveland in . . . . I think '97. He’s retired and is currently a minor league manager somewhere.

The only player still with the team from '95 are Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, Dan Wilson, and (Da Man himself) Alex Rodriguez.