Celebrations of Ukrainian culture

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, I’ve seen several places where Ukraine’s culture is celebrated.

So let’s share some of them.

Here’s a drink recipe I found on Facebook called the “Fuck Putin”:

1st shaker:
Mango Jumex 0.5 oz
Peach schnapps 0.5 oz
Dry shake (it keeps it from getting diluted)
2nd shaker:
Ukrainian horilka 1.5 oz
Blue Curaçao 0.5 oz
Iced shake.
Pour your first shaker in a shot glass.
Slowly pour your second shaker over the back of a spoon in the shot glass.
Drink while shouting Slava Ukrayini!!!

The Kiffness remixed a video with a Ukrainian singer, Andriy Khlyvnyuk, of a popular Ukrainian folk song:

A Ukrainian native coworker of mine organized a lunch a week and a half ago as things began to unfold. We don’t have much in the way of Ukrainian food options near our office but the local Polish restaurant was deemed suitably close enough. Sausage, soups, and pierogi were enjoyed. I have to admit it was a bit more optimistic than things appear today.

Very good. I mostly know Kiffness from cat-based collaborations.