Celebrities and their indiscretions - why should we care?

There is a somewhat well known sports star in Australia, a cricketer by the name of Shane Warne. Most people consider him one of the best Cricketers ever, certainly one of the best playing today.

Lately he has been in the news A LOT regarding some indiscretions alleged to have taken place. Basically he’s apparently been sleeping around, adulterously, probably for years.

Now, on the one hand, I can see why this merits a news item or two, just for information’s sake, especially since actual court cases over it are being mooted.

But PLEASE! Why should we care???

Adultery is hardly news when millions of ordinary people do it, but the News is trying to say that this should affect how we view these people as entertainers and sportspeople! Why? How does this affect their abilities to perform their jobs? And why should we be forced into considering that it might affect our view?

For god’s sake, I’m not entirely sure Adultery is wrong - in some cases, like in a bad marriage, it’s inevitable and understandable!

Former President Clinton was impeached because of his indiscretions, even though it was irrelevant to his abilities as a President. That’s absurd! (George Bush, on the other hand, isn’t adulterous, but is a complete madman, but nobody wants him impeached)

Shane Warne is clearly a womanising fool, but that’s all we need to know, we DON’T need more and more “news” articles and interviews with the long line of crazy women who have claimed to have slept with him. Quite apart from the horrifying images that come to mind, it’s just not anybody’s business! Leave it alooooone!


The Ignorant Masses love a little sleaze. Frankly, I blame Shakespeare.

Yeah, this pisses me off too. It wouldn’t worry me if it was just tabloid TV and newspapers doing it (ACA, Today Tonight, The Telegraph etc) but when legitimate news organisations waste time on this it gives me the shits. Yes Warney’s a good cricketer, yes he also appears to be an A grade arsehole. The two aren’t incompatible (except on the field).

This is like when they go on about how “Delta’s not letting her Hodgkins diagnosis stop her from releasing her new album”, or whatever. I don’t need to be informed of this in the 5:00 news when I’d rather hear about genuinely important things. Anyone who’s really interested in that can buy TV Week or New Idea or something similar. Ok, it sucks for her that she’s got cancer, but it’s a rarely terminal form and she’s got a bloody good chance of getting through it with no problems. I work in a children’s hospital and I’d love to see stories on the problems some of these kids have that are indicative of general social fuckups that bloody should be made more public.

I’m going to go and have a large scotch and dry now.

GuanoLad, I totally agree. I’m sick of turning the television on and seeing bloody Shane Warne as the main story.

I don’t see why it should matter to anyone other than him and his family what he gets up to. Same as I don’t care if any other famous person is having an affair, or addicted to drugs, or sent to jail.

I also don’t understand why anyone does care. Some people must, or it wouldn’t be top news.

Wasn’t this the big news in Oz when I was there over a year ago?

Why are they still talking about it?

Well, if it helps, here in Memphis, TN, USA I have no fucking idea who Shane Warne is, nor do I have any idea who he sleeps with and don’t expect to learn anything about him today outside of this thread.

Oh yeah, I really really really agree that I don’t want that shit on legitimate news programs (If any still exist today).

Or maybe that was some football player that cheated with another team mate’s wife or something.

I am confused.

Last year he was banned from cricket cause he took some sort of drug.

This year it’s all about him sleeping around.

Yeah, that was Australian Rules (AFL) Kangaroos team Captain Wayne Carey having an affair with his Vice-Captain’s wife. Another thing that had way too much news coverage for something that, admittedly, did affect the team a bit, but still was not really our business to know details about. (and more than that, the wife in question didn’t seem to ever be blamed, only the footballer, like it wasn’t a two-sided thing)

No…last year he was also (allegedly) hassling some English woman wasn’t he?

He’s a twerp…but that doesn’t stop him being a good cricketer. Not that I care, 'cos I can’t stand cricket…or Warnie.