The next person who says "Tiger Woods" to me gets a punch in the face.

Enough. I didn’t care about him a week ago, and I don’t care about him now. Stop talking to me about him. That is all.

What? Did he fuck your wife too?

Nah. Too easy.


please don’t tell me that this response actually surprises you

truly, I feel your pain, been getting a lot of very lame TW emails and jokes lately. :rolleyes:

I’m not hugely into golf or tabloids, so I don’t really talk about Tiger much. But I have to say I love his name: Tiger Woods. It’s unique, interesting, and seems to fit the man very well.

I don’t get all the attention he has either. It’s not like he’s a real sports star or athlete. Al he does is whack his balls into holes.

Yeah! It’s not like he has any talent, skill, or the ability to concentrate! Screw him!

I have no interest in golf, so I know nothing about the guy. So why is the news media shoving this crap down our throats? OK, big sports jillionaire commits adultery-who cares?
The only question I have: are pre-nuptual agreements in Florida enforceable?

Who’s Tiger Woods?

He is that guy we keep hearing about ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME.



What, the OP’s wife?
ETA - you want to gnaw your leg off over news coverage, try living in South Carolina through Sanfordgate.

He plays baseball for the Nikes I think.

I thought he was the Maple Leafs quarterback

Is he the guy that crashed the White House party? Fuck me it’s been a slow [del]news[/del] tabloid week.

If anyone knows his wife’s cell phone number, I think I could be a great deal of help in counseling and then consoling her. PM me.

Be glad you don’t live on Orlando. He’s on the fucking local news here too!


And plays golf.

Oh, great, another hater. Personally I think Scottish Deerhounds are a fine breed and for you to disparage Tiger Woods just because he beat out your favorite pug or something is just unbelievably petty.


One hole too many it would seem.

I’m not a golf fan, know who Tiger Woods is and the basics: he’s Mr. Golf, he’s won every golf trophy and award there is, he’s multiracial, he’s very very rich, and I seem to recall he’s married and since he’s a very very rich youngish good looking celebrity I’m going to assume she’s beautiful and I’m going to assume that he’s rumored to fool around whether he does or not (just as I assume he lives in a nice house and drinks water occasionally). That’s the extent of what I knew about the man and his private life until last week. Now it’s amazing how much I absorbed through osmosis.

Agree with the O.P.: who gives a fuck? If he drove drunk he’s not the first/won’t be the last/nobody was hurt/his business/let the cops deal with hit/get over it. Same if he has a girlfriend or marital problems, doesn’t affect me in the least. He’s not on a stump somewhere trying to impose values on others, so let him alone already, sheezus. I’d say the same thing if it was an actor, writer, Nobel prize winner, or even a non moralistic politician.