Tiger Woods injured

Sorry i don’t have a link, but its probably all over the internet. Tiger Woods was in a car accident this morning and is in serious condition somewhere in Florida.



ETA: Frak

The news is just breaking, so there is not much detail out there. CNN has a story now, and it’s only one sentence.

Okay, there’s not much detail if you’re CNN. :wink:

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2 AM. Hit a fire hydrant and a tree at low speed. Sounds like someone had a long Thanksgiving. I wonder where he was going?

When I googled Tiger Woods in google news the story about the accident came up after a national enquirer story saying he was having an affair.

I’m glad I’m not a celebrity, even without the money

Charges are pending, but alcohol isn’t involved. I find that confusing. Whether that means drugs, reckless driving, or some other thing, I have no idea.

Interesting. Autorities say that charges are pending, but that no alcohol was involved. His airbags also didn’t deploy, which means that he was going less than 30 mph.

Do I smell a bit of the chronic, maybe?

The latest is he is seriously injured. Who knows what that means? He hit a hydrant and a tree. Yet they say drinking was not involved. He was not speeding. His airbag did not go off . It would at 33 mph.

It’s on BBC radio now. “Pulling out of his driveway” and “airbags didn’t inflate”. Therefore not going fast - yet in “a serious condition”.

WAG therefore that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt :rolleyes: and therefore has head injuries.

Too sleepy from the tryptophan?

Something doesn’t add up.

Where was he going at 2:25 in the AM? To see his girlfriend?

CNN says the injuries are (or include) “facial lacerations.” So he backed out of his driveway, went down the street and hit a hydrant, then a tree. If the airbags didn’t inflate, facial injuries would not be surprising. They just now that he’s still in the hospital. Could he have a concussion if his head hit the wheel?

And where the hell was he going from his house at 2:30 in the morning? I suppose the made-for-TV-movie story would tie this to the Enquirer report. :stuck_out_tongue:

ABC reported that he was pulling out his driveway.

Where would a multi-multi-millionaire be going at 2 in the morning? Maybe he wanted to first in line at Best Buy on Black Friday?

I don’t get it.

He’s not drunk, but charges are pending.
He’s seriously injured, but only hit a hydrant while backing out of his driveway?
There is something wrong with these early reports.

You mean, now that Heidi Fleiss is out of business?

From WESH Orlando:

I assume the charges would relate to dangerous driving or something similar?

And a tree, jtgain, and a tree.

This is just weird. Seems out of character for him, but then again…what does anyone really know about the guy other than that he kicks ass at golf and is extremely wealthy?