Tiger's apology on TV

Tiger gave a 15 minute update and an apology . He seems to be pretty broken. He said he does not know when he will play again. Notable was Elins absence at the speech. He is on his way to more therapy.

I hope this doesn’t count as threadshitting, but I feel compelled to ask. Why is this man’s sex life anyone’s business but his, his wife’s, and any other partners? To whom was he apologizing?

His sponsors. If he made his money from golfing his private life would not matter, when you start making your money from your image then you are expected to keep that image spotless.

He was specific and direct about things that didn’t happen but were rumored to happened. Like Domestic abuse and PEDs.

He did acknowledge affairs, but nothing specific.

He got angry at the ugly rumors and paparazzi but wouldn’t acknowledge that he was the root cause of the rumors and paparazzi.

I watched the apology and thought “Okay, he screwed up his personal life, he knows that, he admits it, he seems to be taking steps to remedy it, and he addressed the question about if/when he’ll return to golf.” Case closed. At least for me.
But now I have to hear every media type analyze, dissect, criticize, give their opinion and cry about how he won’t take any questions. Shut up and get a life already! He messed up and now everyone thinks he owes it to them to be an open book? Seriously, get a life. Go chase after Linsey Lohan or Britney if you want tabloid rag drama.

This thing is ridiculous. I flipped through every channel and except for the specialty channels, the conference was being carried almost everywhere even Univision.

He wants the reporters to stay away from his family. They always want that, but his secretiveness makes it more interesting. Many wondered ,“where was Tiger”, “did he get hurt”, “is he at a sex clinic”, What happened Thanksgiving Day". Since he avoided those questions, he will still be dogged. He could have defused much of this.

It wouldn’t matter to anybody if not for the titillating way his habits came to light.

This isn’t true. He acknowledged it repeatedly. He essentially said over and over, “I’m the one who did something wrong, stop stalking my fucking kids.”

I thought he sounded pretty contrite, unreservedly self-accountable, understandably defensive of his wife and kids, and I think he has absolutely no obligation at all to give any details about his affairs, or about the status of his marriage. He did emphatically deny that Elin attacked him on Thanksgiving, or has ever attacked him at all.

I also liked that he referenced Buddhism as the faith he was leaning on. It’s refreshing to hear somebody trying to rehab a public image talk about something other than Jesus Christ for once (and I wonder if that was a subtle little dig at Britt Hume).

If he didn’t insist on acting like Brittney or Lindsey, he wouldn’t have drawn this kind of attention. Even as the biggest draw in the history of Professional Golf, he lives (lived) a relatively tabloid-free life. When you are on the big stage like so many celebrities, and you act saliciously, you’re going to attract the portion of the population that likes to pay attention to salicious things.

I don’t think he owes anyone anything, but folks will keep asking questions & hunting for answers if he doesn’t address it. Just because I personally don’t care about it doesn’t mean there aren’t a zillion people who will buy People Magazine if it leads with a Tiger “story.”

It was an OK speech. I was surprised he mentioned Buddhism but I don’t know if that was a dig at Hume or not, my guess is no. Before all this it was not that well known he is Buddhist, that’s from his mother who is Thai.

I knew he was Buddhist. I don’t know exactly how well known it was, but it wasn’t a secret. He talked sometimes about his use of meditation and the religious influences from his mother. The red shirt on sundays is also a Buddhist thing.

I would expect him to be contrite. Put yourself in his spikes and see how much he destroyed. sponsorships, his special awe inspiring above mortal golfer image, his pursuit of greatness, and probably his marriage. He damaged the game he plays and has angered other golfers. He did a lot of damage.

Who needs Tiger when we can cheer on Charl Schwartzel?! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, that is not what I mean, it is his (lack of) actions since Thanksgiving that have caused the media. frenzy The fact is that he could have deflected much of the paparazzi attention if he had come public much much sooner. Today is 12 weeks to the day since the accident, and this is the first public appearance. Right or Wrong people want to know what is going on and he was silent. If he had done this address 2 months ago, IMO, the paparazzi would have be minimized.

What’s Buddhist about a red shirt? I ask as a Buddhist myself, I can’t think of anything special about the color red in Buddhism but there are different flavors of Buddhism, like the different branches of Christianity.

What about Brit Hume? Somebody fill me in please. I never felt I needed any kind of apology from Tiger, but I thought this was good. I am not sure what was missing that folks would want. He took full responsibility, he apologized, he mentioned that he still had to earn forgiveness from family, friends, and fans. What more could you want?

That’s just victim blaming bullshit. The paparazzi has no business following his kids to school. Full stop.

Tiger was also not exactly going to be in any kind of emotional state to give a self-abasing press conference very soon after Thanksgiving, and I don’t believe it would have stopped the stalkerazzi anyway.

Hume said something like he didn’t think Buddhism had the concept of forgiveness but Christianity did.

According to Tiger, his mom told him to wear red on sundays because it symbolizes power and aggression in Thai Buddhism.