Celebrities who share your initials.

Got to thinking about this while driving home from work the other day.

There is only ONE celebrity I can think of who has the same first name/last name initials as I and that is Garo Yepremium. I know this is using the term “celebrity” loosely and most people have never heard of the Miami Dolphins place-kicker of the early 70’s. He did have a famous goof during the Super Bowl against the Redskins but that is another story entirely.

Anyway… my GF has a bunch of famous people for her initials -L.B. I thought of Lucille Ball, Lauren Bacall, Larry Bird, Lenny Bruce, Lisa Bonet, Lonnie Baxter (plays for the Terps), Ludwig Beethoven (o.k. that one’s a bit of a stretch).

So, this mundane and pointless question is what celebrities share your initials and (2) is there any other famous person besides Garo Yepremium, who shares MY initials?

I truly hope no one is offended by this, but the first two celebrities who share my first and last initials who popped into my mind have just recently passed away – Dale Earnhardt and Dale Evans.

GY? Nothing comes to mind, other than the fact that one of my former co-workers (he got fired) was named Greg Yancey.

Every post deserves at least one answer.


MD. Matt Dillon and Matt Damon.

Marilyn Monroe

Ahh yeah


Marilyn Monroe
Marshall Mathers (Eminem)

Brian Dennehy
Billy Duffy

Oh! Thought of someone else.

Micky Dolenz. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I love the Monkees.

Mary Tyler Moore.

My initials are SV.

Guess who had a shitload of Sergio Valente Jeans in the 80’s?

Also, since alot of Victoria Secret’s stuff has the V and the S overlapped, I get personalized sleepwear. :slight_smile:

Can’t think of any celebrities with the same initials of hand, though.

Sid Viscous! (sorry can’t spell that last name.)

The weird thing, I was just thinking that it would be cool if someone had the initials SV. And here you come along. Does your middle name begin with “U”? Then you could be the SUV. :slight_smile:

My initials are EC…everyone think of some famous people with the same initials as me. Go on…you know you want to.


I’m not up to date, could you help me on this one?

Amy Fisher?
Fortunatly, my middle initial is L, not U!

KC. Kevin Costner.

But that’s nothing. I share my birthday with Mozart. :smiley:

Ummm… Eric Clapton

*There was an actor named Gig Young who won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1969 for They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? His real name was Byron Barr, so that may not count. He took the name from the character he played in the movie “The Gay Sisters.” In 1978 he shot and killed his fourth wife, German actress Kim Schmidt, after 3 weeks of marriage, then committed suicide. Maybe you don’t want to use that one.

Here’s a fairly good online bio:


*Glen Yarborough had a 1965 top 20 hit with the title song from the movie “Baby the Rain Must Fall.” He had previously been the lead singer of the Limelighters. He also performed the song “The Greatest Adventure” in the 1977 TV special “The Hobbit.”

*As for my initials, MM has already been covered, although Mickey Mantle also shares my birthday.


Myron M. Meyer
The Man Who

Hey, my initials are MMM too. That is the first time I have ever met anyone ele with the same 3 intials. :slight_smile:

Cecil Adams :smiley:

Jennifer Lopez…


cant think of anyone with my initials WA, but then my brain is kinda tired. As an aside my twin brothers initials are M.A.D. hee hee he’s never lived it down :wink: