"Celebrity Apprentice" lineup announced

At it’s headed by Omarosa! (Linky.)

Dear god, that may be enough to get me to watch.

Gene Simmons, now that should be interesting, the ultimate Alpha Bull Male. I want to see him and Trump argue it up in the board room. :smiley:

Ooh! Marilu Henner will be one of the contestants. Love her. And I despise Gene Simmons, but (like Omarosa) he is sure to provide some interesting moments.

Last season was such a snoozefest that I’m glad they are making a big change.

Wake me up when they decide to start casing the “Supermodel Apprentice” lineup.

Well, Carol Alt is a FORMER supermodel. Tiffany Fallon is as lovely as one would expect of a Playmate of the Year (link is SFW but don’t dig too deep). I’d never heard of Jennie Finch (borderline SFW–bikini shot) before, but I became a fan immediately. And Nadia Comaneci is a FINE middleaged lady who might rip Don’s heart out, if he has one, if he doesn’t show the appropriate respect. In most of these cases nude photos have long existed on the net so there won’t be any embarassing surprises. So this might be a season of “Apprentice” I watch. Beautiful women and people, male and female, with egos as big as Trump’s who have already been publicly successful could make good TV.

The Hair says the applicant pool was 125 “celebrities?” If this is what they ended up, how spare are the others on that list? :confused:

You think Gene Simmons is more alpha male than Tito Ortiz?

ETA, I imagine this will be on a network I don’t get (I don’t recall seeing any other Apprentice episodes), so I’ll be out of the loop.

I’d watch if someone other than Omarosa was on. It validates the bitch.

Why not use a former candidate that people like?

NBC, actually.

Thanks, that’s one I don’t get (waves to DirectTV!! who refuses to grant me network feeds, but this ain’t the pit).

Don’t be disheartened. It might be repeated on Bravo. I think NBC owns Bravo.

Why won’t DirecTV let you have NBC? Not that you’re missing much, except for the Thursday night lineup.

I was thinking Richard Simmons, instead of Gene, when I first saw that up there…

I would watch it with Richard, if only they could have both.

Ooh, and make them share a room.

[hijack (but you asked)]

I can’t get ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, or WB/CW whatever it’s called. The only network they let me have is PBS. The reasoning being that PBS is commercial free, so no ad revenue lost for the local network affilliate.

I live close enough to a market that DirectTV figures I should be able to get the networks with an antenna. Tried that, bought a huge friggen (expensive) antenna and mounted it 45ft up on a pole on the garage. Got shitty reception, basically unwatchable. The antenna blew down in an ice storm a couple of years back, not worth replacing.

My local market is not one of the cities that DirectTV carries their network feed, so all I could get would be the national network feeds. Can’t do that, since that would deprive me of watching the local commercials. Don’t get me started on the DirectTV promotion offering Direct TIVO DVRs so you can (and their words here) skip the commercials.

The local cable company got into a row with some of the network affiliates and dropped them from the cable line-up. So no cable. Dad says he thinks they have come to an agreement, but he switched to Dish and doesn’t care (he hates Dish compared to Direct TV, but he gets NASCAR so all is good).

I could swap over to Dish Network and get the local networks thru them, but I’m not that bent over it. I do call Direct TV and bitch at them about it every time there’s something I’d like to watch on the networks. I get my own PIN number now so they can connect me directly to somebody who doesn’t give a shit instead of tying up the customer service dept. (I’m not kidding).


My understanding is that you have the FCC to blame for this, not DirecTV. The regulations prevent them from sending the feed to anyone who the FCC claims can receive local market stations with an antenna. Note that your definition of antenna and the FCC’s probably differs.

At least this was the problem before DirecTV started making deals with local systems to rebroadcast their feed. When I first got the service it was no network channels at all unless you lived at least fifty miles from any transmitter.

I live over 50 miles from the transmitter tower of the ABC affiliate, not sure of the others. Dish has worked out a deal with the local affiliates to carry the local feeds, DirectTV has not, so it can be done (or Dish is operating in violation of the FCC rules). People just a couple of miles away from me can get the network feeds (not affiliates) through DirectTV, I can’t.

Reminds me, my latest PIN number is about to expire, time to give them a shout!

It only took one transmitter within fifty miles to have your FCC exemption rejected.

That sounds like a private deal which is how DirecTV works with local affiliates. Dish would have approached the local affiliates and worked out a deal for rebroadcasting while DirecTV either hasn’t approached them or couldn’t work out a deal.

Well, I had one network feed approved as of tonight… ABC HD. Thing is, I don’t have an HD receiver so they are re-submitting my application yet again. Which will of course be denied and I get to start all over.

I’m over 50 miles from the transmitter location of all the affiliates, according to Google Earth. Not that I expect that to matter.

As usual, a reality TV show stretches the bounds of the word “celebrity” almost to the breaking point. I love shows like this, they’re my TV weakness, but I’d far prefer to see normal people than washed-up celebrities. And is Trump really willing to hire Steven Baldwin at his company? Because isn’t that the point of the show?

No, according to the link, the “stars” (sic) are working to raise money for charity; the winner will get an additional lump sum for his or her charity.