Celebrity Black Hole Pool

What’s wrong with these people. They have everything they could want. But still some stars seem to self-destruct, they go supernova then they collapse.

Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson…

I remember a Letterman show appearance by Crispin Glover where he seemed to disintegrate before our eyes, I don’t think he was hireable since.

Who do you think the next celebrity will be to whack out and why?

Will it be semi-public masturbation a la Pee Wee? Religious fanatacism? Murder? Drugs? Gary Bussey Syndrome? Romantic dorkiness a la Affleck?

Feel free to be creative in your method of destruction.

My guess is the Olsen twins will be photographed in Baghdad holding RPG’s with smiling terrorists.

Robin Williams will awaken one day to the shocking realization that he isn’t funny any more. He’ll start doing voiceovers for documentaries and Wild Kingdom shows.

Paris Hilton will leave the public eye in a blaze of… well, nothing. Three months later people wouldn’t stop to watch if she stripped naked on the street corner.

I shudder to think about what happens when Britney Spears becomes a mother.

i’d love more info on this if anyone has it - hadn’t heard about it, and i’m rather partial to crispin.

I actually saw that guest appearance by Crispin Glover. (That was back in the days when Letterman was good. - 12:30 time slot … oh well)

For some strange reason, in the middle of the interview, Crispin Glover got out of his chair, spoutng some non sequitirs and something like “I can do anything” etc - (it was really weird).
Then he started doing karate kicks (slowly) but very close to David Letterman’s face.
The show went to commercial and when the show resumed, Crispin Glover was no longer there. I’d say Dave is more than tolerant of his guests. (Dave can dish it out but he can take it too). But this escapade by Crispin Glover was totally “off the wall” and “out of the blue”. Dave wasn’t even giving Crispin Glover a tough time during the interview.
The next night’s show started with David Letterman horrified that Crispin Glover would be on his show again !!! He is then awakened from his “nightmare” by Paul and the band who reassure him evrything is fine. (I think the punchline was “we sneaked into his house and we killed him”) Then the show started as always without another mention of Mr Glover.

And though this was decades ago, how about Jackie Mason’s career-killing appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show? (crca 1968?)

Russel Crowe seems to be doing a good job of leaving a trail of disaster in his wake.

Liza Minnelli has had her share of insanity, but she is fortunate her fans are even more insane than she is and think her antics are cute, like her momma’s.

Mickey Rourke did a fine job of sinking his career in a toilet.

Not sure about Crispin Glover having fallen into a black hole. Since Letterman appearence was in 1987 and he has done two Charlie’s Angels, Willard, and plenty other things since then.

It’s scary watching Britney Spears slowly metamorphosize into Anna Nicole Smith.

Supposedly Spears is set to design her own line of maternity wear, because they don’t make “funkier stuff.”

As the recently retired Myron Cope might say, “Yoy!”