Celebrity Boot Camp

Tonight on Fox.

Soooo…like, who are the celebrities?

That’s what I was wondering.

Although this does prove my theory that Barry Williams will do pretty much anything to get on TV.

I love Kato Kaelin. He always shows up for these things. The guy has made a career out of being a professional “has-been” when the truth is, he’s a “never was”. The others at least did SOMETHING at some point in time.

Yeh, they should rename it to “Has-been Boot Camp.”


If they have the drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket, AND there was no censoring the dialogue, it’d be worth watching.

I just want to know what puts that look of pure terror in Kato’s eyes in the promos for the show. We at home have a huge chucklefest speculating exactly what it is.

[ul][li] A real job. []OJ with another house sitting offer.[]There’s no more Clairol #5! A book. [/ul][/li]

We’re mean bastards at my house.

I’m torn between my desire to not see Barry Willams humiliate himself any further and my desire to see Lorenzo Lamas humiliate himself even further.

Well, I am watching this fiasco right now and I must say, it is fucking hilarious. They made Tiffany sing “I think we’re alone now” and made the Milli Vanilli guy lip sync to it while she sang.

Greg Brady will do anything for money. He is a media whore. I wanna see some titties come flying out of traci binghams shirt though.

Is this a one night thing or is it a series?

Who’s Barbie? I’ve never even heard of her… (not they they choose the A-list celebs for these Fox shows)

Hmmm…I’d say the dillweed of the year award definitely goes to Kato Kaelin for leaving a one minute answering machine message to a complete stranger when he meant to call his daughter.


I almost had a heart attack at that fricking Kato phone call incident. The look on the drill instructor’s face was priceless.

Now I understand why Elvis sometimes shot TVs.

Who won? I left the show after the dead hang pullup challenge

Coolio beat the Baywatch chick. I think it was 9-7.

Tiffany was looking ROUGH boy! She didn’t look ANYTHING like her Playboy spread from earlier. YIKES! That Boobewatch chick was looking REAL bad too. I thought it was funny when she sold out her squad during the interrogation. She shoulda flopped her tits out for a minute or two. Just for me to see.

Coolio tried to steal a biscuit from the chow hall. Lol! BUSTED! Why was he on this show? Is he bankrupt ala MC Hammer?

Kato called the wrong number and left a message for a stranger? What a dumb shit!

The shake down was the best part of the show though. The humiliating stuff they said was funny as hell.

Poor Greg Brady. That sorry sunvabitch has been on every fox super special in the last year or two hasn’t he? Is he THAT desperate for cash?

Well, I don’t recall a Coolio hit since Gangsta Paradise some 10 years ago…

Yes! The really freaky part is he knew it as he was doing it - not after he hung up! “Um, Hi - you don’t know me, but I’m calling from Boot Camp, and I tried to call my daughter…bla bla bla” - He’d be dangerous with half a brain!

Yeh, wasn’t he on Fear Factor like LAST WEEK?!?
:: coughwhorecough ::

He had another one didn’t he? It went something like “Slide slide slippity slide I do what I do just to survive” or some shit. The video had a bunch of people getting out of a trunk on a lowrider.

I would like that answering machine tape of Kato to show up on the web. That would be funny.

I thought it was hilarious… but parts of it seemed really fake. Like why would they actually break during the interrogation? I mean really… ?

“Shut up Coolio” That line killed me! It was obviously inserted later but damn I nearly wet myself.

And really these Drill instructers are hard core serious. Can any of you yell Get over here Recruit Coolio without breaking a smile?

And what was with leaving Bingham around after she cracked. I mean she spilled every bit of information.

Damn I hope the do it again. I love wathcing has beens trying to get in the lime light aggain, and being debased. Bring on Gary Coleman, Markie Post, Richard Moll, Emanuel Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Danny Bonaduci, and a few more to go through the ringer for 50Gs

He’s also been in a bunch of movies, usually as a character not unlike himself. :wink: