Hold onto your butts, SDMB! "Human Target" is back on tonight!!

Excuse me if I’m unable to properly express my excitement over the reinstatement of nearly-almost-every-weekly-(except-during-summer-hiatus-(and-don’t-forget-premiere-delays)) episodes full of bombs, boobs, bullets and boobs! And ass-kicking!

All red-blooded Americans who don’t hate America will be tuning in to FOX at 8:00pm tonight.

I’m hyped for it, but I’m a little leery about the cast additions.

Normally it means the producers weren’t overly happy with the initial season and will muck around with the show until they wring out whatever made it successful in the first place.

As it turns out the cast additions may not be so bad. It opens everything up to an entirely new range of plots now that they have a billionaire who can buy anything; it explains any conceivable money problem away. Plus the hot little jewel thief will make this like a slightly more sophisticated Leverage… ok maybe not. :slight_smile:

Didn’t the thief chick get busted after the rescue? I don’t recall Winston (or anyone else) saying or doing anything to get her out of it.

Also does anybody know if the hacker/security girl from last season will be returning?

They all gave each other knowing glances. I think it’s a safe bet they didn’t strand her in a foreign country for a crime she didn’t commit after helping them save the billionaire’s life.

I was wondering the same thing. Was that Layla? If so, looks like she now has a full time role over on “No Ordinary Family”.

I had popcorn aplenty, and my disbelief was not just suspended but completely evacuated. Last season I thought they needed more recurring characters, especially females, so hopefully it won’t be bad.

Welcome back, Chance. We missed you.

I so missed this show and it didn’t disappoint. I think the addtions will work well, adding a female is smart, it allows for a wider range of “plans”.

I loved the line: “Wait…you’re Geurerro?”

Didn’t they have a semi-recurring hacker girl last year? (Or am I imagining that?)

I found the thief annoying, but I liked the Melinda Gates character.

I missed it. Will it be reairing?

You will probably be able to catch it on Hulu.

Posts 4 and 5.

Cue look of sudden terror.

My wife and I love the main actor, have ever since the woefully short and unappreciated* Keen Eddie*. However, we refer to Human Target as “The Guererro Show”.

Be careful. What makes Guererro work is getting him in measured doses. TV execs don’t seem to realize this, and when people start clamoring for more Guererro, they’ll then turn and give us too much Guererro (and yes, too much Guererro would probably turn out to be a bad thing). It has happened so often to too many other shows.

Of course, this being Fox, the show could be off the air tomorrow, then we’ll all be clamoring for more Guererro, though I personally find the three way interaction to be the main selling point.

Yes, it is. Thanks.

I remember her saying she was returning some bracelet but I don’t remember it being involved with saving the billionaire lady. It looked to me like Winston was shaking his head left to right, and I didn’t notice any definitive body language between the other characters. I’ll rewatch it later maybe I just missed the finer points of this scene.

Also I was not aware Layla (which sounds right) had a part on “No Ordinary Family” so that could explain her absence from Human Target, assuming she is gone this season.

I need to catch back up. We got away from it last year due to the sheer busyness of life and the fact that we had one kid graduating, going to basic training, then college, and my husband leaving Fort Knox for Fort Bragg, and me and the littlest kid deciding that once the older one was gone, we’d move to Fort Bragg too!

I did, however, remember to put Keen Eddie on my Christmas list. Man, I loved that show. I am not normally into blondes, but I actually fell in love with Mark Valley when he was on Days of Our Lives. Poor guy took over from an immensely popular actor, got a weird storyline to open with, but still really grew on me.

Need to find time to check hulu and watch!!!

She has a fairly prominent supporting role in Entourage as well.

…and it’s has gotten better then the first season!:smiley:

Loved it! I think the new cast additions will work well. The new benefactor promised to be “hands-off” so I wonder if we’ll only see her now and then.