Human Target "Preview Event" on FOX

Halfway into this, and I already like it.

I believe this show has at least 3 seasons. IF it can execute.

You can tell this show took a level or two from 24 and PrisonBreak. The things that, those shows wanted to do, but could not, will find a home here. Most importantly, the entire “more than meets the eye” segments that go back and explain how things happen, or didn’t happen the way you think they did.

I believe this show is good, and will last for a few years if it becomes predictable. If each episode is left to it’s own devices, it won’t last long.
Oh. And the Humor is good too.

I enjoyed it. I thought the action sequences were a little over the top but not bad, and I like that Chance gets seriously injured/banged up. The writing is good, and I like the three main characters.

“I’ll take the beatdown, but then I will come to your home and kill you while you sleep…”

I kept waiting for Chi McBride to say “Oh hell no!” (That’s a “Pushing Daisies” reference, in case you wondered.) The Jackie Earl Haley character is intriguing. The whole emergency brakes exploding mumbo-jumbo thing almost made sense. Overall, I thought it was okay.

I really liked it. If they can keep up that level of quality, I will be a regular viewer.

I wanted to watch it, but I had to watch the Golden Globes and do not have a DVR. I will have to see if they rebroadcast it. It is getting good reviews.

I didn’t like it all. Why didn’t he shoot the bomber before he armed the bomb? Why didn’t he shoot the assassin when he had the chance? Feels like a poorly executed mix between Burn Notice and 24.

Ice cubes that are a different shape than everyone else? Whaaa… so the assassin has poison ice cubes or something…instead of like… normal poison. I don’t get it. Also for a train that “didn’t cut any corners during construction” it sure fell apart real easy.

And he barters instead of getting paid $$ … bleeeeehhhhhh…

This is what I meant to say.

The first episode is scheduled to be rerun tomorrow at 9pm, on Fox.

I liked it, too. The big fight on the train was good, especially for a tv show. Looking forward to seeing more.

Also, I loves me some Tricia Helfer. I hope she finds a good part as a lead on some new show–I miss her since BSG ended.

the next episode is pretty good too. Nice mix of action and comedy. I hope this lasts.

Forgot to add we got to see the second episode today in Canada on CTV.

I enjoy it, but I’m not hopeful. I don’t think the last attempt even got a whole season.

I was really hoping to like this show, as I like Mark Valley, but I just could not get into it.

I guess that’s good because I already have three shows on a the same time on Wednesday nights, so a fourth would have been a real pain…

I found it slightly cheesy and the special effects and sped up fight scenes were annoying!
Not sure if I will keep watching we’ll see…

Anyone else baffled by flying the plane upside down? I think there’s a mistake in the physics, he says something like there’s more/faster air on top of the plane but that’s because of the shape of the wings, turning the plane over won’t change that.

This was fun. I’ll be watching. Emerson Cod, Rorschach, and Keen Eddie - what more could I ask for?

Ugh, I saw the train ep, that’s time I won’t get back. I wanted to like it because of the cast but man alive, that was utterly stupid. If smokin’ hot cylons can’t save your pilot, nothing can.

Really wanted to like it but ended up really not liking it. I’ll give it a couple of episodes hoping it’ll settle down some.

Could they make the fight sequences any longer?? The final one in the train was almost 3 1/2 minutes! I was reminded of the Family Guy chicken fight.

I loved the Jackie Earl Haley character, I think he could really help the show out. I thought Chi McBride was a little stilted, they need to give him a little more room to maneuver, he was great on Pushing Daisies.

Also, how does he not know how many bullets are left in his gun? Jeez…some bodyguard you are.


Well, my wife and I saw it and we liked it. I mean, it wasn’t great, but it was OK.

So, what is the primary connection between this and Battlestar. So far, we’ve seen:

  1. Tricia Helfer - Six

  2. Donnely Rhodes - Doc Cottle

  3. Alessandro Julliani - Felix Gaeta (he’s in the 2nd episode).

And the music is written by Bear McCreary, who did BSG’s music.

Is it a producer or something?

I’ve read that the producers knew from the start that they couldn’t use the original comic book concept (Chance disguising himself physically as those he protects, thus the closer connection to the title). So why use the Human Target title/characters in the first place? It’s not like doing so added anything further to the brand, given its relative obscurity (last Human Target title was in the late 90’s/early 00’s, I think, and was a limited M rated series).

I don’t think the poison was in the ice cubes; I think it was in the drink. I think the assassin put ordinary ice cubes in that one glass to keep from losing track of it amidst all the other glasses, which don’t have (a) ice cubes, or (b) poison.