Justified starts tonight!

Bring on the goodness!

Awesome - thanks for the heads up!

What is the show about? I’ve seen the ads but know nada about it. the guy is pretty fair eye candy, tho. :smiley:

The lead is a Federal Marshall who speaks softly but will act if he is pushed or when he issues a specific warning. This got him in trouble in his last location (Miami) so he has been relocated closer to home in KY, which entails him getting involved with the local criminals, whom he has history with, and his ex-wife and other engaging characters.

If you know Elmore Leonard’s writing, which the show is based on - not the overtly funny stuff like Get Shorty - more like the Tarantino-influencing stuff as portrayed in the movie Jackie Brown - you will enjoy this.

Yummeeee is right;)

Great show and a good set-up for a new story arc. However, the producers will be making a mistake if they keep Raylan unarmed for long.

My TiVo failed me and I have to wait until Saturday to see this episode! I don’t think it’s online anywhere, is it? FX site doesn’t have it.

If it is, couldn’t find it. I too shall have to wait until Saturday. :frowning:

I need to check tonight if my DVR worked.

That was six kinds of awesome. LOL’d at “Time out” and was stunned at the end, or what should have been the end. “Find the girl.” The romantic interlude broke the mood.

Like Terriers, I’m watching via Amazon for $1.89 per episode. No commercials, and the show is available almost immediately.

I was confused at the start though. It looked like Raylan was being transferred back to Miami.

What was Boyd blowing up at the end?

So glad it’s back. Can’t wait to watch the Mom from Million Dollar Baby be the big baddy this season.

I did a cursory search for it on Amazon yesterday but couldn’t find it - just last season. Either I didn’t wait long enough, or I didn’t search hard enough. I’ll give it another go.

He was offered his job back, not being forcibly transferred this time.

Dunno, was meant as a cliff hanger. Looked like he was working in some kind of mine.

DigitalC, thanks. I’m glad he didn’t go back to Miami – the Harlan/Kentucky locations are a lot more interesting. I recognized the salt & pepper shakers on Maggs’ table.

Did you find the free preview? That was available on the digital downloads section a few days before the full episode, and the full episode was just available yesterday. Or this link might work.

Boyd is working in a coal mine, hence the fire in the hole.

True, but that’s also what Boyd says before he blows things up. I’d be surprised if he’s working anywhere. But then this show is always surprising.

I did see the preview - and that mistakenly made me believe that the full episode would not be forthcoming. I’m a little disappointed with Amazon’s search engine though - although I eventually found what I wanted, it took me a bit. I typed in Justified and found the current HD episode for 2.99. Only after clicking on that did I find a link to the regular episode for 1.99. In any case, I may start watching it this way.

I got the impression that he was going to be unofficially armed pretty quickly. I can’t remember precisely what was said, but while they were putting his sidearm in the envelope all formal-like, one of the others said something like, “What kind are you going to get next?” And Raylan replied, “probably another just like this one.” I thought the implication was that he was going to go right out and get himself another pistol, albeit one that was not officially sanctioned. OTOH, I might be reading too much into it.

Glad this show’s back; I missed it.

I’m pretty sure that scene was in a coal mine.

My interpretation was that he was giving up his gun because it was needed as evidence in several shootings, not that he was being asked to surrender his gun (as in being in trouble). That would mean there is no reason he wouldn’t be officially armed.

Finally got to watch the first episode tonight. Thought it was great. Seems like each new character has something to offer. There’s a lot of layers going on, which always keeps things interesting, but boy do you need to pay close attention!