Celebrity crushes you'd forgotten all about

I’m probably dating myself (no, not in that onanistic, perverted way some of you guys think) but I still have the hots for Mary Tyler Moore, Diana Rigg and Elizabeth Montgomery. I always fantasized about being a suave, witty American CIA agent tasked to help John Steed and Emma Peel solve a particularly brutal case, and I would so impress Mrs. Peel that romance would blossom and we would spend the rest of our lives on our estate north of London (what the hell did I know about English geography!?) Imagine my dismay when I found that the CIA isn’t interested in people who want to join up so they can meet imaginary female British agents in skin-tight leather jumpsuits.

But had you FORGOTTEN about the crush, or has it always been nascent?

I don’t know that I’ve ever really FORGOTTEN it, as such, but Anne Francis as Honey West … yowzah!

The fantasies engendered by a scantily-clad babe that would obey your every wish are obvious, which probably has a lot to do with my crush on Barbara Eden.

Bobbie Jo Bradley, the beautiful Lori Saunders, was always much more to my liking than Betty Jo or Billie Jo.

Tight costumes…mmmm… Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl and Julie Newmar as Catwomen. They were crushes I haven’t though of in years.

Your favorite Bradley sister varies with age.

When I was a little kid, Betty Jo was my favorite: not just because she was the youngest, but also because she liked to play baseball (unlike older, ‘ecchier’ girls).

Puberty hits, and it’s either Bobbie Jo or Billie Jo (FWIW, Gunilla Hutton is the Sean Connery of Billie Jos).

At my present age, Kate and Dr. Craig are starting to look mighty good.

When the TV series, “The Second Hundred Years” first appeared in 1967, it confirmed I was gay when I fell in love with him- Luke carpenter. The second inkling was Illya Kuryakin in 1964 and the first was Sgt. Chip Saunders in 1962.

Mine was Shaun Cassidy.

This thread made me remember that when I used to watch The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. that I thought that Dixie Cousins, played by Kelly Rutherford was just the cutest thing. Looking at her IMDB entry, I see she still is.

The only actress I’ve truly had a crush on was Pheobe Cates. I think I was born a decade too late though, because by the time I discovered her she had already ended her acting career and married Kevin Kline.

I had a thing for Thora Birch for awhile after American Beauty and Ghost World, but I wouldn’t call it a crush, exactly.

I guess I have a thing for brunettes. I never could figure out what all the fuss was about blondes. (No offense to any natural blonde women reading this post – I think you’re pretty too).

Lissome, cat-eyed, hatchet-faced Dana Wheeler-Nicholson. Coolly passionate leading lady in Fletch, and more recently a delectable platinum-blonde dipsomaniac on Sex and the City.

Mine is a current actress, so it’s more of a mystery. Jordana Brewster. She became my favorite new crush after I saw her in some movie where she plays a sister in search of her missing 60’s revolutionary sister, played by Cameron Diaz.

I thought she was hands-down the hottest new actress to emerge out of Hollywood. Then I forgot about the movie and she didn’t really make anything else where I saw her, so I kinda forgot about her again. I sure hope that changes - IMO she’s ten times prettier than all those other silly partying waifs her age.

Here is a 12th degree of seperation: The wife of a guy that my husband worked with has a very good friend whose sister married Shaun Cassidy.

I think I just sprained my brain trying to sort that out.

My very first crush was on Deborah Harry when I was seven. My Heart of Glass 45 was the first record I wore out.

I hate to bump my own thread–it seems silly–but this morning I chanced to see Xena: Warrior Princess on Oxygen, and I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten how breathtakingly gorgeous Renee O’Connor was. (Or maybe still is; I haven’t seen a pic of her in five years or so.)

I forgot all about my Tim Daly crush (from his Wings) days until a few months ago, when I came across some otherwise-eye-roll-worthy western/romance he was in, airing on the Hallmark Channel, and he was sitting shirtless in bed…guhhh…sorry, and flirting with Naomi Watts as an Amish woman. And, holy cats, the man was nearly 50 when he filmed that and he was beautiful.

Duh, make that “(from his Wings days).”

Here, here’s something I found to justify a second post.

Wow gallows fodder, you’re crush is kissing my crush in those Fugitive pictures…

I agree with Monte Markham. I last remember him as Blanche’s gay brother on The Golden Girls.

I also loved William Gray Espy when he was Snapper Foster on The Young & The Restless, long before David Hasselhoff took over the role.

What I remembered best from Ordinary People (and from Lovesick) was Elizabeth McGovern. What’s she doing now, I wonder?

Rebecca DeMornay in Risky Business . . . Mmmmm . . .

And, of course, Sherilynn Fenn in Twin Peaks! Yeah, I bet she could tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue!* :slight_smile:
*So can I, two tries out of three. My Dad taught me the trick.

I had the most terrible crush on Claire Danes from “My So-Called Life”. A kicked in the stomach 100 times type crush. Thank goodness I never had such a crush on someone in real life, no telling what sort of foolish things I’d have done. Now I realize that she was only 15 while I was in my late 20s at the time, but I didn’t realize it then, I assumed she was a “TV teenager”.

Funny though, none of her later movie work has interested me. I’ve seen her in plenty of moves since then, and it’s pretty much, “Meh”.

Ooh, me too! And I was in my '30s! But that’s all right, because I’m a sleazy creep.

What, even Romeo and Juliet?!