Celebrity Death Pool 2015

I might try an NFL theme this year. Many of those guys don’t live long lives. After 0 points in 2014, heck, it can only get better, right?

Gilbert … So this is where you tell us that you’ve been watching since back then, and not just catching up in reruns. :slight_smile:

The Chain Gang

Diana Ross Singer
Ross Mathews Tv personality - Jay Leno / E! Entertainment
Mathew Broderick Actor
Rick Steves European Tour Guru
Steve Martin Actor
Martin Short Actor

Tom Bergeron Dancing With The Stars / AFV / Hollywood Squares
Ron Paul Politician
Paul Ryan Politician
Ryan Gossling Actor

Tom Hanks Actor
Hank Aaron Baseball
Aaron Carter Singer


Boy George Singer
George Michael Singer
Michael Cera Actor

Diana Ross
Ross Mathews
Mathew Broderick
Rick Steves
Steve Martin
Martin Short
Tom Bergeron
Ron Paul
Paul Ryan
Ryan Gossling
Tom Hanks
Hank Aaron
Aaron Carter

Boy George
George Michael
Michael Cera

And you didn’t work Chrissie Hynde into your list? She’s 63 years old…

Question to the OP. CAN I INCLUDE MYSELF? (I’m serious). Do tell.

Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin.

Looks like it’d be against rule 3(e):


That too.

Being “weird” is questionable. I want something de·mon·stra·tive. I challenge the OP!

Bolding added.


But … but … What if I’m famous…? C’mon, C’mon, confess…

I won’t push this anymore.

Hey, give it a shot, let’s see what Baker says about this.

Nope, Little Pig can’t include themself.

Because, hey, that would be weird.

But think of his potential dying words: “I’m about to pick up XX points on the Straight Dope Celebrity Death Pool!”

Of course there’s the Catch-22 that by the time he actually racked up the points, he’d no longer be aware he’d done so. Seems like kind of a waste. :smiley:

Which raises an interesting question ----- are there any Dopers famous enough to actually be picked as legit celebs? But that’s probably already another thread.

And the Oscar goes to…

Sean Penn
Richard Dreyfus
Robert De Niro
Faye Dunaway
Jon Voight
Julie Andrews
Sophia Loren
Jack Nicholson
Louise Fletcher
Shirley MacLaine
Sidney Poitier
Olivia De Havilland

Even if he is a “guest” and not a “MEMBER” ?

Burt Reynolds
Arnold Palmer
Valerie Harper
Bill Cosby
Bart Starr
Keith Richards
Amanda Bynes
Ned Beatty
Michael Schumacher
Rob Ford
Don Imus
Christopher Plummer
Suge Knight