Celebrity Death Pool 2015

  1. Valid picks are not:
    e. a registered member of the SDMB, 'cause that would be weird.

How are we supposed to know which famous people are not members here? Could be hundreds of them

For instance, CAMJAY77 is Ringo Starr.

Yes, but nowhere close to death. Not with my hot wife around keeping me healthy, fit and young all these years

Laurie Metcalf has a new series. You might was to use John Ross Bowie instead. :wink: :smiley:

Also, a great big
THANK YOUto Baker for running this for yet another year.

Why do I fear we just became Sarah Palin’s death panel?

My plan this year is to wait until the 31st and steal everyone’s ideas.

I’ve been doing that for three years. It doesn’t help

Bastards - still alive from last year:mad::mad: except for Fred Phelps (no tears)

Theme is Criminals with added religious zest
Some comments for the less well known.

David Miscavige (Scientology)
Warren Jeffs
James Dobson
Tony Alamo (Sex w/minors - cult)
Joseph Ratzinger
Terry Jones (Koran burner - not Monty Python)
Jimmy Swaggart
Charles Manson
Kent Hovind (Tax protester - YEC)
W. V. Grant (Tax evasion - fake healer)
Billy Graham (not the wrestler)
George Alan Rekers (Expert witness (not) - rent boy fame)
Pat Robertson

Franklin Graham (Billy’s son)
Richard Roberts (Oral’s son)

Clean List

David Miscavige
Warren Jeffs
James Dobson
Tony Alamo
Joseph Ratzinger
Terry Jones
Jimmy Swaggart
Charles Manson
Kent Hovind
W. V. Grant
Billy Graham
George Alan Rekers
Pat Robertson

Franklin Graham
Richard Roberts

As was for my last four lists, this one too was ““prerecorded””. The bad news is, I need to … Get inspired as well. The good news, I have an entire year extra in wich to do it.

Several years ago I did that. I waited until 6:00PM on the 31st and picked that twelve most frequently chosen names, plus Fred Phelps. I thin only one of my choices died that year.:mad:

What really sucks is that while deaths are uncertain, we still have to pay taxes.

Here’s my list. All are former NFL players. Too many have died too young.
Steve Atwater
Nick Buoniconti
Dick Butkus
Mike Curtis
Mike Ditka
Frank Gifford
“Mean Joe” Greene
Jack Lambert
Ronnie Lott
Jim McMahon
Tim Shaw
Lawrence Taylor
Jack Youngblood

Bob Lilly
Rayfield Wright
Randy White

It’s interesting to learn that Ditka’s birth name was Michael Dyczko. Never heard that before, but then again I’m not a Bears fan.

  1. Steve Atwater (the “Smiling Assassin”; former NFL 1989-1999 safety; b. 28 Oct 1966)

  2. Nicholas Anthony “Nick” Buoniconti (former NFL 1962-1976 middle linebacker; b. 15 Dec 1940)

  3. Dick Butkus (former Chicago Bears 1965-1973 linebacker; b. 09 Dec 1942)

  4. James Michael “Mike” Curtis (former NFL 1965-1978 linebacker; b. 27 Mar 1943)

  5. Michael Dyczko (Michael Keller “Iron Mike” Ditka; former NFL 1961-1972 tight end; b. 18 Oct 1939)

  6. Frank Gifford (NFL football player Francis Newton Gifford, b. 16 Aug 1930)

  7. Charles Edward “Mean Joe” Greene (former Pittsburgh Steelers 1969-1981 defensive tackle; b. 24 Sep 1946)

  8. John Harold “Jack” Lambert (former NFL 1974-1984 linebacker; b. 08 Jul 1952)

  9. Ronald Mandel “Ronnie” Lott (former NFL 1981-1995 defensive back; b. 08 May 1959)

  10. Jim McMahon (NFL football player James Robert McMahon, Jr., b. 21 Aug 1959)

  11. Timothy Bruce Shaw (former NFL 2007-2012 linebacker; b. 27 Mar 1984)

  12. Lawrence Julius Taylor (former NY Giants 1981-1993 linebacker; b. 04 Feb 1959)

  13. Herbert Jackson Youngblood, III (former LA Rams 1971-1984 defensive end; b. 26 Jan 1950)

Robert Lewis Lilly, “Mr. Cowboy” (former Dallas Cowboys 1961-1974 defensive tackle; b. 26 Jul 1939)

Larry Rayfield Wright (former Dallas Cowboys 1967-1980 offensive tackle; b. 23 Aug 1945)

Randall Lee “Randy” White (former Dallas Cowboys 1975-1988 defensive tackle; b. 15 Jan 1953)

Let the death watch begin.

Mike Tyson
Mark Harmon
Muhammed Ali
Tom Hanks
David Bowie
Bill Clinton
Lindsay Lohan
Buster Mathis
Berkeley Breathed
Gabourey Sidibe
Dave Chappelle
Bill Cosby
No particular theme (except immortality, now)


Since trying to figure out who’s actually going to die netted a goose egg in 2014, let’s take a shot a themed list. In this case, a shot with a bb gun.

  1. Bob Barker (b. 12/12/23), former Price Is Right host
  2. Barbara Bush (6/8/25), former First Lady
  3. Burt Bacharach (5/12/28), songwriter
  4. Barbara Bain (9/13/31), actress
  5. Brigitte Bardot (9/28/34), actress
  6. Beau Bridges (12/9/41), actor
  7. Bonnie Bramlett (11/8/44), singer, formerly half of Delaney & Bonnie
  8. Bob Balaban (8/16/45), actor
  9. Bebe Buell (7/14/53), model/groupie/Liv Tyler’s mom
  10. Berke Breathed (7/21/57), Bloom County cartoonist
  11. Brett Butler (1/30/58), comedian/actress
  12. Barry Bonds (7/24/64), baseball player
  13. Bobby Brown (2/5/69), singer

Boris Becker (11/22/67), tennis player
Barry Bostwick (2/24/45), actor

Plain vanilla list:

Bob Barker
Barbara Bush
Burt Bacharach
Barbara Bain
Brigitte Bardot
Beau Bridges
Bonnie Bramlett
Bob Balaban
Bebe Buell
Berke Breathed
Brett Butler
Barry Bonds
Bobby Brown

Boris Becker
Barry Bostwick

Holy cow! Brad Majors turns 70 in February?!

Because picking athletes has worked so well for me (she types without a bit of sarcasm), it’s the 4th annual “All-Star” Sports Edition of the Celebrity Death Pool!

Muhammad Ali
Dick Vitale
John Madden
Ara Parseghian
Mike Tyson
OJ Simpson
Steve Gleason
Gordie Howe
Richard Simmons
Robert Kubica
Jules Bianchi
Vin Scully
Stuart Scott

Jim Kelly
Bud Selig

For those who don’t follow Formula One racing, Robert Kubica is an accident-prone former F1 driver who now races rally cars, and Jules Bianchi was badly injured in a nasty accident this past season. Now all are guaranteed to survive another year. Oh and John Madden is the football announcer. Apparently there’s more than one.


You don’t want to know how hard a searched for “Sarah” / “Sara” to play off of “Cera” and now you tell me, I could have gone “Boy George Michael Cera Gilbert Gottfried” ?!

And I Just now noticed this?

EDIT: I had Silverman, and tried to turn that. Very few famous Sarahs.

Richard Simmons is an All-Star Sports? Heh heh.

Jim Kelly former Buffalo Bill QB
Jim Kelly sports announcer?

Same list as last year, just moved Derek Whibley up from alternates and moved Randy Travis down.

Macauley culkin
Meat loaf
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Derek Whibley
Ian Brady
Pete Doherty
Lyndsay Lohan
Daisy Berkowitz
Ian Watkins
Nick Stahl
Edward Furlong
Monica Keena
Shifty Shellshock
randy travis
Bobbi Kristina Brown