Celebrity Death Pool 2015

Surprised you didn’t include Bob Newhart.

Jim Kelly the martial artist (and actor) died last year. Hope she didn’t mean him

That’s why “All-Star” is in quotes! :slight_smile: And I meant the former Buffalo Bill QB. Thanks, forgot to clarify that one.

Same for me, the QB.

I wish I could suck up that well.

Chocolate helps you know!:smiley:

Mrs. Plant (v.3.0) reports that they have chocolate candy bars with cashews. How many would it take for my twelve living picks to croak before New Years?

Ms Baker, Oh Friend Of God, Blessed be your divine existence, and Your Beautiful Countenance blesses us all.
May you live forever, and have as many heirs as you wish.
May Your Wondrous Management of the Death Pool be Praised Throughout the Ethernet!

If it May Please Your Wondrous, Beautiful, Supremely Intelligent Majesty, Five Tons of chocolate have been shipped to your palace.

On a smaller note, there seems to be an infinitesimal mistake on the part of your minions, who are so very justifiably worshipful of your beauty and intelligence. All of my contestants have died, and only one has been reported.

I am certain that such a lowly problem is beneath your notice, and another five tons of chocolate will be sent as soon as your minions correct my score.

Do you prefer nuts or plain?

Themed List: The Maple Plot Forever!

Bryan Murray (Ottawa Senators GM)
Dal Richards (Vancouver big bandleader)
Daphne Odjig (First Nations artist)
Elmer Lach (retired professional ice hockey player, last of the Montreal Canadiens “Punch Line”, Hart Trophy Winner)
Gino Odjick (retired hockey player, Vancouver Canucks enforcer)
Gordie Howe (former professional ice hockey player)
Gordie Tapp (Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, former Hee Haw performer)
Howie Meeker (retired hockey player, coach, general manager, former Member of Parliament)
Johnny Bower (Hockey Hall of Fame member, former goaltender)
Milt Schmidt (professional ice hockey centre, coach and general manager)
Monty Hall (radio analyst for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League, better known as television game show host)
Ted Lindsay (former professional ice hockey player, helped set up NHL Players’ Association)
Wally Stanowski (Toronto Maple Leafs 1942 and 1945 Stanley Cup team)

Don Harron (comedian, actor, director, journalist, author, playwright and composer.)
Prince Philip (consort of the Queen of Canada)
Richard Rohmer (aviator, lawyer, adviser, author and historian)
(I buried [some of] my 44 yo brother this year in British Columbia. I want him to have some stellar company while he missed out, by two weeks, on his favourite NHL team rebounding from last year’s abysmal season. If Baker can continue on this year–thank you!–so can I!)

Clean List:

Bryan Murray
Dal Richards
Daphne Odjig
Elmer Lach
Gino Odjick
Gordie Howe
Gordie Tapp
Howie Meeker
Johnny Bower
Milt Schmidt
Monty Hall
Ted Lindsay
Wally Stanowski

Don Harron
Prince Philip
Richard Rohmer

Yes, there are at least some minor celebrities here. And we have had a few folks show up for a short time which might be problematic. Both Steve Stirling and Jim Butcher have created accounts here and posted a few times, so would they be disqualified?

Now for the important stuff, straight from my post in the 2014 thread, my completely unchanged, country music themed list. Although Jim Ed Brown did announce he has cancer this year, so who knows.

Don Williams
Jim Ed Brown
Jimmy Dickens
Kenny Chesney
Tanya Tucker
Harold Reid
Phil Balsley
Jimmy Fortune
Don Reid
LeAnn Rimes
Charley Daniels
Juice Newton
Charley Pride

Kenny Rogers

I’ll think about it when the first five tons arrive. Oh, and cashews, roasted.

It’s fun banter like this that makes this game the best on the Dope!:stuck_out_tongue:

And BlossomDrearie, it’s sentiments like the one you made in fine print that help me keep going. It will never stop hurting, but the support of friends means a lot.

I’d say that makes Stirling and Butcher off limits for now. Maybe we will have to, in the future, consider a new ruling on this. If they haven’t even logged on in five years, maybe that could make them fair game again.

Curses, foiled again!

Just out of curiosity, what if we don’t know they’re members? What if it turns out that **SpazCat **is Rosie O’Donnell and we only find this out after Rosie’s death is announced? Are those points null?
*Note: ****SpazCat ****is most definitely not Rosie O’Donnell. She is actually Sandra Bullock.

I’d say that’s a “cross that bridge when we come to it issue”. I mean, how many obits have you seen that listed usernames to message boards?

The reason I don’t have Olivia Da Havilland on my list is because I have I have inside information that she’s registered here under the username carnivorousplant.

Too bad you can’t put him on your lists, because Swampy is a dead man.

Here’s my list, mostly unchanged from last year since I’m still sitting at zero points.

  1. Abe Vigoda - come on, he’s gotta go sometime!
  2. Kirk Douglas
  3. Valerie Harper
  4. Tom Brokaw (promoted from alternate last year)
  5. Dick Cheney
  6. John McCain - and maybe he’ll take his buddy Lindsay Graham with him
  7. Jimmy Carter
  8. Rosalynn Carter - bonus points for a Carter family murder/suicide?
  9. Nancy Reagan
  10. Robert Mugabe - still pissed that he didn’t die the first week of last year and nab me that “Opening Kickoff” award :mad:
  11. Dean Smith - North Carolina basketball coaching legend
  12. Eric Berry - KC Chiefs safety
  13. Dick Vitale


  1. Michael Douglas
  2. Donald Rumsfeld
  3. Stephen Hawking

Clean List:
Abe Vigoda
Kirk Douglas
Valerie Harper
Tom Brokaw
Dick Cheney
John McCain
Jimmy Carter
Rosalynn Carter
Nancy Reagan
Robert Mugabe
Dean Smith
Eric Berry
Dick Vitale

Michael Douglas
Donald Rumsfeld
Stephen Hawking

For 2015 I bumped some of my own picks and stole a couple from my husband. We each got one (so far) this year. I de-virginated to Casey Kasem and he was deflowered by Joan Rivers.

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg
Sandy Koufax
Fidel Castro
Jerry Lee Lewis
George HW Bush
June Foray
Connie Stevens
Ed Asner
Gavin MacLeod
Abe Vigoda
Jimmy Carter
Roger Moore
Hugh Hefner


Sidney Poitier
Julie Newmar
Rose Marie

Fidel Castro died long ago, and the Russians combined what ever they did to Lenin with Disney animatronics.

Here’s my picks…

Billy Graham
Loretta Lynn
George H.W. Bush
Barbara Bush
Jimmy Carter
Nancy Reagan
Kenny Rogers
Mel Tillis
Roy Clark
Willie Nelson
Betty White